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No description

Ivy Takase

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Circle

Feel invited MASTERS'
CLUB Power of Experience MENTORS
CLUB Leaders of tomorrow Successor
Club Inspire your environment
Challenge STATUS QUO! Entrepreneur Club Get inspired
Bounce off your ideas Innovator Club Building a portfolio of comepetences in organization Expert Club Business is SOCIAL!!! Knowledge Communities Who do we search for? People with drive for:
developing others
sharing knowledge What do we aim for?
Building a culture of Entrepreneurs
Gathering most active people
Offering various opportunities for development
Taking advantage from collective intelligence
Nominations vs. volunteer approach managers:
Level 2 and 3 Dedicated program focused on:
Mentoring/Coaching skills
Talent identification
Influence and persuasion
Feedback Pick a mentee to:
a) improve performance
b) boost a talent Mentoring
in practice Mentee:
Summary Workshop
Giving feedback regarding process
Feedback to mentors Club means cafeteria of options for your development Choose what you like! Options may cross and link Iwona Gloc Story by

Ewa Suchorzebrska - Bębenek Three approaches
Predictable succession Action Vacancy Internal Recruitment Employment Individual development plan review of internal resources (MMP, Annual appraisal, club membership) NO CANDIDATE
decision: looking externally Predictable succession Manager is about to retire in the defined period of time One's task is to develop a Successor Corporate approach (more than one job away) FIRST: Role change

THEN: Individual development plan base on new role Benefits:
Strong motivation for development to be effective in a new role
Targeted investment
No "long benches" problem - Higher retention
Individual approach Solution contest Employees submits solutions (fully volunteer) RM's: pick the soultion Author of chosen solution is engaged in the implementation Regional Managers
sponsorship Business case Sponsorship by
Heads of Solution to be invented Contest for solutions Heads of pick best solution Author of the solution is involved in further steps Benefits:
Call for active individuals
Building a culture of innovation - Exchange of ideas
Volunteer participation - join if you want to share ideas and want to dedicate your time to the project
Identification of potential on the basis of delivery
Inspiring ideas for resolutions A platform for discussing and sharing Ask people to interpret your moves
be ready and open for feedback
Build a place where thoughts can be presented freely Track most active Employees
Reward most value solutions and activity
Let the audience to rate posts and ideas
START SMALL:) (based on new role requirement) What are you good at?
Do you want to share your knowledge with others?

Voluntary admission A community of internal trainers,
key users, advisers, knowledge academies Benefits:
Knowledge transfer (master - student relation)
Mutual understanding of roles, issues
Exchange of contacts and ideas
Developing potential of individuals TALENT GROWTH MINDSET CHANGE Benefits:
Call for active individuals
Building a culture of entrepreneurs - I CAN MAKE A CHANGE
Volunteer participation - join if you have ideas and want to share them
Identification of potential on the basis of delivery and wide perspective
Key Business solutions can be developed / implemented without creating additional roles or hiring external experts
Solutions are worked out cross functionally which make them more adaptable for all fields
Participants learn to focus on business side of projects cross functional approach
short cycles
talent management driven by business needs
benefiting from the internal knowledge
balance between external and internal resources (balance defined by business)
self-responsibility for development
line manager engagement in development of his team Mentors
Talent Communities MASTERS' CLUB becomes a club member WHY do we need to focus on talents?! Taking advantage from collective intelligence of the organization Good leadership is vital in difficult times Retain people valuable for the company Inspirartions i.e: Marketing asks what are your ideas
to make people buy? Storage for presentations, articles, ideas, webex
A place to search for answers and options CREATE - COMMUNICATE - SHARE Mentor:
Summary workshop
Giving feedback
Become club memeber Club community:
Advisory role
Sharing ideas and best practices
Participate in developing solutions Approach applied to key positions CLUBS PLAN FOR 2013/14 Introducing structured approach to mentoring Experts Club in cooperation with Training Team
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