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No description

Ebosie Okoronkwo

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of UNICEF

On 4Th of Feb , American airlines fight attendant arrested for stealing $100,000 in passenger donations.
Ebosie Okoronkwo
Goal and Strategy
Launch Travel Assistant in September 2014
Message statement
KLM World Business Class Lounge at its hub in Amsterdam
Organizational Background
Created 1946, after world war II
Became Part of UNO in 1953
Advocate for the protection of children's rights, to help them expand their opportunities to reach their full potential.

A world in which people come together as equals and dialogue so that all children and communities can have access to their needs so they can participate meaningfully in decisions affecting their lives and realize their rights.

To eradicate extreme hunger and poverty worldwide.
Situation Analysis
The strategy is to change the current image associated with UNICEF’s In-flight donations by positioning it as a charitable organization that sees no donation as too small. This strategy is consistent with the situation
The goal of this communication plan is to eliminate the negative perception and skepticism associated with in-flight donations as a result of this incident and that of 2008.
Communication Objective
To increase the rate of in-flight donations by 10%.
Organization Objective
To increase the public awareness of UNICEF’S donation collection process and policy

To change public perception towards UNICFE inflight donations.



Individuals between the ages of 21-65.

Members of the public who are leisure travelers.

Those who travel for business on a regular basis.

Flight attendants and donation collectors.

Target Audience
Press conference

Media statement

Partnership Training program

Tighter collection procedures.
UNICEF employe present to collect donations

Social Media campaign:
Videos explaining how donations from get to UNICEF and how these donations are allocated and/or distributed.

No donation is to too small
Every little helps
The smallest donations go the longest way.

We appreciate your sacrifice and selflessness

Morals and ethics are our governing principles.”

Press conference

The press conference will be held at UNICEF's New York headquarters communications officer, Chief Executive Officer.

Within 48 hours to ensure timely response, preventing outside sources from speculation.

Message statement
Pitched to all major news media
published on UNICEF’s websites.
A social media compatible version of the statement
Social media videos
Animated version to increase engagement and increase recall.

Partnership with American Airlines
will be announced at the press conference and begin in March.
Ethics training program

The success of this plan will be measured by:

Analysis of consumer perception after the public apology through monitoring comments.

Evaluation of consumer awareness will be measured by looking at the shares of the video which will be showed on major social media sites with the hash tag #SaveDonations, this will also help in measuring public engagement.

Monitoring inflight donations and over all donations, before, during and after the execution of this plan to see the changes.
Marco Costa

The overall aim of this communications plan is to change public perception and skepticism towards inflight donations, through associating our operations with ethical standards.
To also increase awareness of UNICEF in-flight donation processes. Which we predict will help increase the rate of in-flight .

Executive summary
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