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Lululemon CSR

No description


on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Lululemon CSR

Made in Sri Lanka
History of Lululemon
Athletic clothing wear company

Founded in 1998 by Dennis, J “Chip” Wilson

Based in Vancouver Canada
Financial Information and Transparency
Available to the Public:
All annual reports including videos since 2010
Quarterly results since 2008
SEC filings since 2007
All key ratios concerning the LULU stock
Annual Fiscal Results
Stock and Stock Price

Not transparent on Employee wellness
Community-Based CSR
Environmental Involvement
A very detailed Lululemon brand audit from an outside source.
Includes everything from product reviews to the reputation among the public.
Also Current Market Strategy and Objectives, Point of Differentiation, Marketing Channels, etc.

Offers free yoga sessions in Public areas/ within store
Example: Parliament Hill yoga (image above
Also runs Running Races
Local Farms and Trades
Encourage Employees and consumers
Focusing on decreasing aerial shipment
Work with debrand to recycle and reuse products

Do evaluations of water and carbon footprint in company
Partnered with CDP (Carbon Disclosure project)
Work with “debrand” company

Produces quality apparel: Less Waste
Ensure materials don't come from endangered or anciant
Employee Benefits
Paid above minimum wage as base salary
Sales commission pool which is shared monthly
Share purchase plan
Dental and health benefits
Goal setting and teamwork sessions
Not transparent about benefits or salary
Described as a "cult like" environment
Not many sick days
Celebrate Grand Openings with yoga street parties
Transparency: Audits
Very little available to the public.
What does this mean?
What's Missing?
Lululemon can increase employee benefit transparency

Pay their workers more

Try to make their workspace more inviting

Do more to help the environment

Sign the Bangladesh accord

Offer more audits
Community and Charity Funding Involvement
Metta Movement
funding to stores specifically for charitable events
ex. Mile High and Tricycle Gardens
Chip Wilson also founded "Imagine1day"
Supports Primary education in Ethiopia
Code of Ethics
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Haven't signed the Bangladesh accord

Code of Ethics
No forced or bonded labor

Must be open, transparent and cooperative

Minimum wage is guaranteed


No child labor

No corruption or bribery

No unapproved facilities or subcontractors and no homework

Employees must have the freedom of association and collective bargaining

Informed Workplace
Working hours must not exceed 60 hours per week and overtime must be voluntary

Vendors must provide breaks and time off

Vendors must strive to engage with their local community

Vendors must adhere to all laws concerning safety and fire safety

Vendors must provide safe and healthy facilities

No discrimination

No Harassment, abuse or unfair disciplinary action

No discrimination
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