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True Religion Jeans Marketing

Casepresentatie Ana Duskov en Hylke Sasse, Marketing Erasmus Universiteit, 4 April 2013, Business, Brand, Analyse

Hylke Sasse

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of True Religion Jeans Marketing

Onderzoeksvraag How can the company build on the consumer sentiment with a future approach to pricing that assures long-term success for the brand? Opzet True Religion Jeans Introductie
Business analyse
Consumenten analyse
Conclusie SWOT Strength
Positief groeiperspectief
Made in USA Consumenten Boven modaal inkomen
Imago dragen en uitstralen
Denim meer geaccepteerd Business segmenten U.S. Wholesale
Directe verkoop
Internationaal Business Strategie Weaknesses
Niche marketing
Bedrijfsrelaties Opportunities
Kwaliteit vs. kwantiteit
Hogere winstmarge Threats
Snelle opkomende concurrentie
Afhankelijk grondstoffen
Duur productieproces Bedrijfsinformatie True Religion was founded in 2002 by industry veteran Jeffrey Lubell. The founder, chairman and chief executive officer built the brand based on the principles of quality, American-made authentic denim with timeless appeal and a vintage aesthetic. The brand offers a wide range of styles in nearly every category and embraces the motto: "It’s all about the fit." True Religion clothing is made for and by people who don't follow trends, they set them. Lubell bet everything on his vision as a designer and entrepreneur. This marked a new era for the innovator, who started True Religion at the sewing machine. He established trendsetting elements such as thicker threads in a multitude of colors, lock seams and customization of oversized hardware in a variety of novelty styles for both men and women. As for the name? "There's only one real religion and that's people," says Lubell. "And all the people in the world wear jeans. Our emphasis is on fit, quality and style and the inspiration to make men and women look and feel good in their jeans." Onderzoeksvraag:
How can the company build on the consumer sentiment with a future approach to pricing that assures long-term success for the brand? True Religion is growing and expanding very rapidly at
this time, and we are confident in management’s
strategic plan to navigate this dynamic time. This plan
has several primary facets. Consumenten - Direct verkoop
Product Diversificatie
Gemaakt in Amerika
Internationale Expansie
Explosieve Groei Denim Concurrentie Levi Strauss 7 for all mankind Joe's Jeans Zelfde prijsklasse
Bekend geworden door denim
Lage instapdrempel
Hoge kwaliteit Strategie
Winst marge
Imago Facts 2009
$439 M omzet ($100 M, 2005)
$47 M winst
2623 werknemers
#73 Amerika kleine bedrijven Bronnen Henry Fund Research, True Religion Apparel, 21-11-2010, University of Iowa
A.Leiker, True Religion Apparal, 05-03-2010, University of Oregon Investment Group
Afbeeldingen: www.truereligionbrandjeans.com en www.google.nl/afbeeldingen Vragen? 2005, wholesale strategy
2013, direct-constumer strategy

True Religion Jeans has an good prospect for long term profit
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