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Stung by: Bethany Wiggins

No description

Ashleigh Fetherston

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Stung by: Bethany Wiggins

Jonah Tarsis
Dreyden Bowen
Lissa Tarsis / Dr. Grayson
Fiona Tarsis
Fiona was a normal thirteen year-old until her life got turned upside down. First there was talk of bees going extinct, and now there's talk of mutated bees stinging, infecting, and killing people. They found a anti- virus shot and Fiona and her brother were one of the first to get it. Her brother started to go mad, so they put both into a coma to preserve their lives.
Fiona is a shy girl who loves to play the piano. She was thirteen when the world was endanger of mutated bees that had been created to repopulate the honeybees. Well she got the vaccine to fight the "poison" of the mutated bees. Her twin brother Jonah also got the vaccination, but he started to go crazy. The doctors then realized the vaccine makes people go crazy and turn into animals/ beasts. So, to save Fiona and Jonah, their doctor, Dr. Grayson, put them in a coma.
It wasn't until she awakened again four years later at age seventeen, she had realized everything has changed.
Arrin/Arris is a Fec (somebody who has not changed into a beast yet). S/he and groups of beasts and Fecs live in the sewers. Arrin/Arris pretends to help Fiona, but really she was just leading her into a trap. Fiona really can't decide if Arrin/Arris is a boy or girl, and she really does not want to ask. S/he always carries around a blade ready to kill. Well Arrin/Arris tells Fiona that she is a girl, but s/he is lying. In the end Arris/Arrin is working for the pits (secret organization that fights beasts against beasts to the death for entertainment). So, s/he tries to turn in Fiona and actually gets thrown in their with her. Arris/Arrin fights Fiona and gets killed (will be explained in summary).
Stung By: Bethany Wiggins
Jonah is Fiona's twin brother and would do anything for her. He was vaccinated and turned crazy, but did not turn beastly. Jonah was put into a coma after he accidentally killed their father. He awakens before Fiona and turns into a level ten, (what they call the level of beasts= how many times they have been vaccinated). Him and his sister are the only level tens and are the most deadly. Later he proves he's not the deadly beast everybody thinks he is.
Dreyden Bowen has always had a crush on Fiona, but just didn't know how to tell her. So each time he would talk to her he would insult her. That led Fiona to think that he hated her. After the mutated bees became a problem he joined the militia to help get rid of the beasts. He became the guardian of the beasts in the his sector, and one night they captured a level ten beast. The thing was it did not look violent at all, it was Fiona. Also, nobody knew Fiona was a girl because girl beasts would automatically be killed (they were more violent than male beasts/ women were the alphas). So she cut her hair and changed her clothes, but Bowen eventually figured it out and he tried to rescue her by running away together. He was taking her to the lab to be safe and along the way they fall in love.
Lissa Tarsis is Fiona's and Jonah's older sister. During the time her younger sibilings were in a coma she went to the "other side of the wall" where she was protected. You could only get inside the walls if you don't have the mark of the beast. Lissa went to work as a nurse. (She will be mentioned more in the summary)
Dr. Grayson is the doctor who came up with the vaccine that eventually turned the people mad. He came up with a second vaccine that actually worked, but somebody had been killing all the people it cured. So, with that Dr. Grayson put Fiona and Jonah in a coma until he could figure out who did it.
Governor Soneschin/ Duncan Bowen
Governor Soneschin is the governor who came into power after the walls were built. He is very powerful, but he is also very devious. (Soneschin's plan will be explained if asked- at the end of summary)
Duncan Bowen is Dreyden Bowen's older brother who is also in the militia, but is higher up. Duncan is working for Soneschin helping him with his plan. Duncan tries to kill Fiona but, Dreyden points a gun right at him. Duncan can't believe his brother would pick a beast over him. (For further explanation wait for summary)
Fiona is just a normal, thirteen year-old, girl, until her whole world turns upside down. The honeybees become endangered, so scientists come up with mutated bees to help repopulate. Except the mutated bees killed the last honeybees and started stinging people. Well, the one scientist Dr. Grayson creates a vaccine and, Fiona and Jonah were the very first signed up for it. All in all they had ten vaccines, but it was too late. The vaccine started turning people into mutated, beastly, beings. Jonah started to go crazy, so Grayson put Fiona and Jonah in a coma to be safe.
Jonah woke up before Fiona and turned into a level ten beast. Fiona does wake up but, not until four years later and now she is seventeen. A lot has changed.
She first wakes up and notices the tattoo on her hand that looks like an oval with ten legs on the side. Her first instinct is to cover it up.
Fiona goes through her torn up house in search of concealer and finds it, but not before a beast finds her first. She runs and runs only to find guards and they won't let her pass without showing them her hand. Fiona shows them and they let her through because her mark is concealed. Fiona only now looks back and notices that the beast looks oddly like Jonah. Next thing she knows she's being pulled into the sewer. They exchange names and s/he's name is Arrin/Arris. S/he helps Fiona look like a boy because girls don't survive as beasts. Arrin/Arris convinces Fiona to distract the militia so she can rescue his/her "little brother", but instead Fiona gets captured by Bowen. She immediately knows it's Dreyden but, he doesn't know it's her.
Well when Dreyden finally figures out it's Fiona he does everything he can to get her out of militia camp and protect her. He says he is going to take her to the lab where she will be absolutely safe.
Bowen is afraid to sleep because of Fiona and he is afraid she is going to tear his heart out. She notices this and doesn't know how to make him realize she will not hurt him. Bowen gets over his fear and instantly falls in love with the girl he has always had a crush on.
Fiona and Bowen have many obstacles especially when Fiona accidentially shoots Bowen. Of course Bowen forgives her but, he is on the brink of death. She does not give up on him and Arrin/Arris comes to help. S/he takes them down into the sewers away from the militia. In the sewers it was a trap and Arrin/Arris gives Fiona to the pit leader, but what s/he doesn't know is that s/he gets taken with Fiona. Bowen tells Fiona to fight for her life he will be there to rescue her.
Arrin/Arris tells Fiona that s/he was going to kill her in the pits. Fiona became uneasy and when she was put in her cell she was put in between a level five female and... her brother. Now that she know she is being put in the pit with two beasts and a fec, Fiona knows that she will die.
As Fiona is being put into the pit she notices the two beasts and Arrin/Arris chained up, pulling and yanking, ready to kill her. The announcer counts down from ten and then boom the sound of a gun goes off, the battle has started. First she sees the level five female run and jump on top of her trying to bite at her neck, but suddenly the level five is pulled off by her brother.
It seems Jonah is protecting her, now he is fighting the five in the corner of the pool. Fiona feels her body crash to floor with Arrin/Arris' blade at her neck. She hears Arrin/Arris talking about how long s/he has been waiting for this, and Fiona now knows that Arrin/Arris is a boy. Also that's not the only thing she notices, Arris is about to change into a beast. Fiona decides this is time she needs to fight back and knees him and runs to the other side of the pool. Arris follows her and has his blade at her neck until Fiona looks and Arris is dead on top of her, and Jonah killed him. The five immediately jumps on her and Jonah trys to pull her off of Fiona, and throws the five across the pool. The pit decides to give Jonah a disadvantage and locks his cuffs on his legs and arms, so he can't use his arms or legs. Fiona is thrown against the wall and starts to black out and the last thing she sees is the five running towards her. The five grabs her neck and she is wide awake. Fiona sees her brother pulling is arms and legs apart and the cuffs break.
Jonah runs and pulls the five off of Fiona and, this time throwing her hard against the wall she dies.
Bowen runs in and tells Fiona to fight thinking that Jonah was trying to hurt her. Bowen shoots at the plexiglass and finally puts a grenade to blow it up. Jonah jumps on top of Fiona to protect her from the explosion and the glass. Bowen jumps down into the pool and is about to shoot Jonah, but Fiona jumps in front telling him no. She explains that he is her brother to Bowen.
Bowen practically passes out and Fiona kisses him. Dr. Grayson walks in and tells Fiona that she is the last one alive that the cure has worked on. Governor Soneschin and Duncan Bowen come in with a guns pointed at Fiona but, Grayson fights Soneschin and Dreyden fights Duncan and the militia come and take them in their custody.
Fiona is taken to the hospital where she is asleep for two days and when she wakes up the nurse is her sister, Lissa. Lissa explains that she got married to Dr.Grayson and that their parents died. Fiona immediately asks how Jonah and Dreyden are, and Lissa says Jonah has the cure and becoming human again. As for Dreyden he has been recovering perfectly and has been waiting for you to wake up. Dreyden comes into my room and kisses me.
- level ten mark
- the death match pit
- the sewers
- Dreyden Bowen
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