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Our project on Opium one of the choice date rape drugs.

Sam Regehr

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Opium

Opium What is Opium? What's it used for? Opium comes from the Opium poppy seed. Opium is the milky white latex that comes from the sap of the flower. Its a type of drug called an Opiod. Other drugs classified as opiates are herion, oxycontin, morphine, and Codiene. Opium is 12% morphine and is still a main sorce for hospitals and doctors offices for morphine. Morphine is an anesthesia which is used for making people fall asleep and it numbs them. Opium on the Street Opium is usually sold as a powder or a dark brown solid and is smoked, eaten or injected. some names for it are: Skee, Joy plant, and Pen Yan. It was originally introduced as a street drug in the 17th century in China. the 18th century Opium addiction got so out of control that the Chinese tried to ban the cultivation and trade of Opium. This picture is of an opium addict.The dots are injection sites. Why people take opium People take opium because it gives you the same high as herion but it doesn't have the same effects though they can both end in death. It gives you a high followed by an extended period of relaxation, freedom from anxiety,and relief of physical pain. Long term Effects Opium effects every part of your body. When injected it goes straight to the lungs where blood vessels absorbed and then goes to the brain. When opium is eaten it moves much slower. In which case it goes through the stomach, upper intestines and the liver before reaching the brain.You experience weight loss, impairment of mental abilities, vision impairment, abnormal mood swings, loss of appetite, and excessive urination. Cost opium costs 3000 at a wholesale price per kilogram and 16000 for retail. Getting off Opium The drug opium, much like herion, is very easy to over dose on. Though it is one of the less potent opiates it is still deadly. Opiate addiction is in a class of its own. When getting off the drug the addict will experience withdrawl for about a week, depression, and will have a much lower tolerance for pain. Getting out of bed in the morning may even be a challenge. more then 90% of Opiate addicts will relapse in less then a year.
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