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Prophet Is'haq

No description

Teddy Duncan

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Prophet Is'haq

Prophet Is'haq
The Prophet Ibrahim had two sons - Prophet Ismail and Prophet Ishaq (peace be upon them). The Prophet Ishaq (pbuh) was his second son born of Sarah, his wife. When the Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) passed through an ordeal of sacrificing his affectionate son, Prophet Ismail, the glad tidings of the birth of another son, Prophet Ishaq, was conveyed to him.
The beginning

The Prophet Abraham (pbuh) had attained the age of one hundred years and Sarah was ninety. They had practically lost all hope of having an issue at this advanced age. When the angel came to Prophet Abraham (pbuh) with the happy news of the birth of a wise son, his wife laughed and did not believe it. She remarked that she had passed the age and now it was simply a folly to expect a child.
HIs Parents
His life
The Prophet Is'haq (swt) was born as God willed. He was the chosen servant of God and his descendants were men of high spiritual rank and character. He was inspired to do noble deeds and establish right worship. He was generous at heart.
His marriage and death
The Prophet Ishaq (a) was married to Rebecca when he was forty years old. His wife gave birth to Esau and Ya'qub. When the Prophet Ishaq (a) became older he lost his eye-sight. He passed away at the age of 180 years. He was buried beside his father and mother.

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