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Street Dance

No description

Rhodi Saykao

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Street Dance

Exercises for Street Dance
-Core: crunches and sit-ups, as well as back strengthening exercises
-Cardio: jogging, bike riding, running, swimming
-Strength: push ups and elevated push ups
-Explosiveness: ability to move quickly and suddenly; box jumps,
and clap push-ups
-Muscular endurance: planks, bridges and wall sits
And Count: Refers to the half or off beat in the music.
Break it down: An instructor will use this phrase when teaching a move or sequence of moves slowly, showing each separate element to to achieve the desired movement.
Levels: the height at which your body is at (high, low or floor)
Musicality: Choreographing and dancing to sounds other than the beat is termed as this. e.g. the lyrics.
Marking the routine: Meaning the instructor would like to have the routine done at full speed with less energy in the movements. This is used to clean routines and refresh the memory. "Mark it half-time" or "Walk it half time" refers to going through the routine slowly to each count.
Transition: The point in the music where one 8 count ends and the next begins. A lot of Street Dance and Hip Hop is based on 8 counts.
Focus: Your focus is where your eyes are looking while you are dancing. Sometimes the instructor will ask for your focus to change for more effect.
Who developed and practiced Street Dance?
Street Dance has strong ties to Hip Hop music like rap, Hip Hop dance and to graffiti. It became a cultural movement, especially among the African-Americans and Latinos. Besides rap, Jamaican Dub music and reggae music influenced the way Street Dance evolved. The first major development of Street Dance was when a 12 year old Jamaican-American DJ, by the pseudonym "DJ Kool Herc", arrived in the Bronx of New York. He began to mix and scratch "break beats", which are breaks in the music where dancers would freestyle their own moves in a dance off.
From then onwards, Street Dance flourished. Young people adopted and adapted different styles of dance and created unique forms of Hip Hop moves such as popping, locking and krumping. Young dancers became known as B-boys and B-girls, or Breakers. They would come together to form crews and would spontaneously face off against other crews on the streets of the U.S.. The actual name "Street Dance" or "Street Dancers" was not used until the type of dance became popularised in the 1980's. By 1977, the Bronx was divided into three major factions; Afrika Bambaataa, DJ Kool Herc and Grandmaster Fletch.
In formal dance language, "street" in the name Street Dance refers to any kind of dance that evolved outside of "professional" dance environments.
"Hip Hop" legend Mr. Wiggles (from the Bronx) started dancing on the streets but was able to stretch his dancing around the world, while funk dancers Don Campbell and James Brown greatly contributed to the development of street dance and provided the foundations for other vital elements to street dance.
When and Where did Street Dance Begin?
Street Dance is the formal term used to name dance that evolved in the urban suburbs of the U.S.. The earliest roots of Street Dance can be traced back to the 1920's; starting with Earl Tucker's move called "Snake Hips". This move was performed in venues across New York.
Snake Hips provided the foundations for the modern street dance moves of waving and gliding; both being primary elements to street dance.

Going back further into the history of Street Dance, it shows to have ties to Swing dance, Rock N Roll and tap. These styles, especially Rock N Roll was very patterned and sometimes someone would break the pattern to improvise a different move.
Many movements and techniques that are considered "Street Dance" have been adopted over time. One of the most famous moves is the "Moon Walk", which was popularised when Michael Jackson performed it on television. It soon became his signature dance for his hit song "Billie Jean" and is now one of the world's best known dance techniques.
From the Moon Walk, the technique of the "slide and glide" was developed. In Michael Jackson's version of the Moon Walk, there is also traces of another dance technique called "popping", which involves quickly contracting a part of the body.
Street Dance crews or troupes have become all the rage. This form of the dance relies heavily on the genre of music as well as the focus, beat and musicality of a dancer. An example of what many recognise as modern Street Dance is on talent shows such as "Australia's Got Talent" and "UK Got to Dance"; the work done by the dance troupes "Justice Crew" (AUS) or "Diversity" (UK) have become increasingly popular.
How has the style changed and developed?
Well-known Street Dance moves
The slide and glide
Popping and locking
The Moonwalk
Break dancing e.g. flare, baby freeze pose, windmills, head spins
Shuffle/two step
How does this style assist in fitness and dance repertoire?
To perform any style of dance requires discipline and stamina.
Street Dance develops muscular endurance and strengthens the body, requiring the whole body to complete moves and sequences with energy. Even when walking to another spot, a dancer must put energy into the small movements to keep it in style.
Street Dance is a broad style and many moves can be categorised under the name, as well as some moves branching into other styles of dance such as Hip Hop.
1. Earl Tucker's "Snake Hips"
2. Modern Day
"Sliding and Gliding"
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Diversity- performance of Got to Dance UK
*Includes elements like popping, aerobatics, locking, tutting*
Justice Crew- Finals of
Australia's Got Talent
(Watch to 2:25)
*involves aerobatics too!*
Michael Jackson and his
fancy footwork, dancing
to Billy Jean
DJ Kool Herc
***Be sure to take note of the style of music. i.e. the strong beats and sounds used.***
Hip Hop dance,
Comparing Hip Hop to Street Dance
Push ups
Box Jumps
^Baby Freeze
^Dance off
Step Up 4, The Mob
Includes elements of
Street Dance (and graffiti), Hip Hop
and club dance moves
Also winners of the show
"Got to Dance UK",Prodijig
combines Irish dancing with
modern moves and music to
create a unique performance.
When energy is put into small movements, it can prove to have a big effect.
Thanks for watching! :)
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