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Holidays around the world

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Vanessa Vela

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Holidays around the world

Saint Valentine
The origin of this celebration goes back to the 3rd century, in Rome, which is based on a legend that tells the story of a priest who defied the orders of the Roman Emperor Claudio II, who had forbidden the marriages for young people. This priest Valentine secretly celebrating marriages for young people and because of that he was executed on February 14th.
In Japan
This tradition is something different at the rest of the world, because in this country the women give chocolates to the men, they could be them friends, brothers or boyfriends.
In England
The celebration is kind of funny for me, because the single ladies when they wake up and look by the window, the first man who pass and see them will married their.
Holidays around the world
In Denmark
The people give white flowers and send letters. This letters are signed replacing the vowels for points. If the girls guess who send the letter, this man gives her one egg in Easter.
In Chile are many traditions, one of them is that they burn puppets during the midnight.
Another is eat lentils at the moment of the midnight when the fireworks begin.

The Germans receive the New Year with fireworks. It counts the tradition that is custom to leave in the plate, after the midnight, some rest of the dinner, as a way to make sure
that the next year they would have hearty food.

There are fireworks, dolls of wood and paper, that they use for burn, because is a purifying rite, a way to dispose of all the bad things that brought the year that is finished.

Maria Jose Valdez Perales
Salma Lizbeth Rangel Macias
Vanessa Vela Alanis
Karen Magdalena Lozano Amaya
Members of the team
The Easter in Mexico start when the catholic churches use the mulberry color for represent the mourning. This celebration begin on Friday called “Friday of pains “
Sunday of branches
They celebrate that Jesus is their king with branches of chamomile.
Saint Thursday
They remembered the dinner of Jesus and their apostles.
Saint Friday
They remember the day in which Jesus suffered.
Saint Saturday
This day the celebration begins later and they illumine the church with candles.
Sunday of Passover or resurrection
Is the day when Jesus revives and the Passover in Mexico has finished.
United States
In United States Easter is a little religious date, because is more for having vacations and travel to different places. But they celebrate Easter hiding chocolate eggs, others put confetti in the eggs and another people put inside some dollars.
Easter Day
Easter also called Passover Sunday or Sunday of Glory, is the central celebration of the Christianity, in which commemorates the death of Jesus.
In Argentina on Christmas Eve they go to church and when they return to house, prepare the midnight dinner. They hang garlands of different colors and decorate their doors with boots and put a Christmas tree.

Germany celebrate Christmas on December 6th. They bake cakes and decorate their houses. The children leave their letters and Christkind distributes gifts, he is the messenger of the Boy Jesus. In Germany they are famous for bake cookies of ginger.

In Chile they call "Viejo Pascuero" to Santa Claus. In Christmas Eve they eat chicken roasted with chestnuts , salad of popes with mayonnaise, rice with raisins, and for drink they take champagne. The dinner finish at 12 o'clock and then they open the gifts. Christmas ends on January 6th.

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