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Bloom's Taxonomy in Action

The following Prezi was created to facilitate the understanding of Bloom's Taxonomy through the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. Enjoy!

Dr. Gazit Sharabi

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Bloom's Taxonomy in Action

Knowledge Comprehension Application Analysis Synthesis Evaluation Bloom's Taxonomy In Goldilocks
and the
Three Bears Created By:
Dr. Gazit Grafi-Sharabi Knowledge: The recall of specific information Who was Goldilocks?

Where did she live? With whom?

What did her mother tell her not to do? Comprehension: An understanding of what was read This story was about __________. (Topic)

The story tells us ________. (Main Idea)

Why didn't her mother want her to go to the forest?

What did Goldilocks look like?

What kind of girl was she? Application: The converting of abstract content to concrete situations How were the bears like real people?

Why did Goldilocks go into the little house?

Write a sign that should be placed near the edge of the forest.

Draw a picture of what the bear's house looked like.

Draw a map showing Goldilock's house, the path in the forest, the bear's house, etc.

Show through action how Goldilocks sat in the chairs, ate the porridge, etc. Analysis: The comparison and contrast of the content to personal experiences How did each bear react to what Goldilocks did?

How would you react?

Compare Goldilocks to any friend.

Do you know any animals (pets) that act human? Describe.

When did Goldilocks leave her real world for fantasy? How do you know? Synthesis: The organization of thoughts, ideas, and information from the content List the events of the story in sequence.

Draw a cartoon or story about bears. Do they all act like humans?

Create another stories about little girls or boys who escaped from danger.

Make a puppet out of one of the characters. Using the puppet, act out his/her part in the story.

Make a diorama of the bear's house and the forest. Evaluation: The judgment and evaluation of characters, actions, outcome, etc., for personal reflection and understanding Why were the bears angry with Goldilocks?

Why was Goldilocks happy to get home?

What do you think she learned by going into that house?

Do you think she will listen to her mother's warnings in the future? Why?

Do parents have more experience and background than their children? Justify.

Would you have gone in the bear's house? Why or why not?

Do you think this really happened to Goldilocks? Why?

Why would a grown-up write this story for children to read?

Why has the story of Goldilocks been told to children for many, many years? Thank you!
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