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The Recruitment

No description

Andrés Correa

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of The Recruitment

Planning the Recruitment Do you plan it? Let's get Started Pre Recruitment Segmentation Research Supply and Demand
DAAL Files
LC Needs Select your
Target and Product
Where I can find the right
person? Talent
Planning Select profiles on demand
Select profiles according to LC needs,areas focus and operational cycle.
Set Goals Talent
Management Recruitment Structure
ER on Universities
Develop your OC
Develop your OGX and TM Team
Specific Taks for specific results Promotion MKT Strategies
Clear Messages for TMP,
Promotion Execution
Creativity Recruitment Recruitment Assesments OGX Evaluations Some Many Few Talent Talent
Selection Informative Sessions
Aplication form
First Filter
TM Process Interviews
Second Filter
TM Process GCM
Third Filter
TM Process MAtchbility tests and others Marketing of XP and... One Advice From your MCVP Members with Complete XPs OGX
COMM It's our core work and we want to make a big impact We have goals to achive to be the BEST. Ensure our financial sustainability nad operational work
NO members means NO AIESEC Why do we
Recruit? Always ensure Synergy Suppliers Job Descriptions Europe: Germany, Czech republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Portugal, Italy.
IGN: Brazil, Colombia,
MENA: Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia
Africa: Nigeria, Uganda
Asia: China, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan. Marketing Reasearch, Sales
Finance and Accounting
Project Management
CRM, Cultural Education, Social Business, Language Education,
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