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Across the Bay By Donald Davie

No description

Margaret Komatz

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Across the Bay By Donald Davie

Across the Bay By Donald Davie
Donald Davie
English movement poet
Literary critic
Born in Yorkshire England
Studied at Barnsley Hogate grammar school and later attended St.Cathrines college
Often wrote on the technique or poetry
When he wrote he wrote about things he saw or heard.
Pre-Twentieth century.
Because Davie liked to write about things he sometimes saw or heard he could have been watching a TV show with a murder scene. Thought about it and wrote it.
To entertain.
The beautiful image you get from the figurative language and then the murderous scene.
How would you feel about such a beautiful place if you knew the murderous crime that it had seen?
Across the Bay
A queer thing about those waters: there are no
Birds there, or hardly any.

I did not miss them, I do not remember

Missing them, or thinking it uncanny.

The beach so-called was a blinding splinter of limestone,

A quarry outraged by hulls.

We took pleasure in that: the emptiness, the hardness

Of the light, the silence, and the water’s stillness.

But this was the setting for one of our murderous scenes.

This hurt, and goes on hurting:

The venomous soft jelly, the undersides.

We could stand the world if it were hard all over.
By:Donald Davie
Davie has a serious kind of gloomy describing tone. When he talks and describes the picture to you about how there are no birds and the water is very still.
The credability that goes into the poem would be when I reasearched Davie he was very educated in what he did. Along from being a poet he was a english critic, so he is very trustworthy.
The average person and maybe someone whos into poetry or someone whos a Donald Davie fan.
The calm feeling when hes talking about the beach and the scene and then kind of sad/depressed when he says about the murderous scene.
When Davie is describing the beach.
"no birds there or hardly any"
"the emptiness, the hardness"
"the silence and the waters stillness"
A character's view of the situation or events in the story
Sad,unhappy,hurtful,and full of regret.

-"This hurt, and goes on hurting"
Sensory details in a work; the use of figurative language to evoke a feeling, call to mind an idea, or describe an object. Imagery involves any or all of the five senses
The author talks about real world things.
Everything he says is logic and resonable.
Everything can be though of and can accually happen.
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