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Before We Are Born

No description

Purba Mazumder

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of Before We Are Born

Embryology History
Cleft Lips and Palate Defects
Keith L. Moore
Before We Are Born

Schleiden and Schwann
Factors Influencing Growth
Fun Fact
: Twins, smokers, malnourished babies weigh less than average baby.
Trisomy: a condition in which an extra copy of a chromosome is present.
Trisomy's most common syndromes are: Down's syndrome (21), Edwards' syndrome, or Patau's syndrome.
Down's syndrome patient
Edward's syndrome
Cardiovascular System
Limb Malformation
Development of the Tongue
Jyoti Amge
Thank you!
Monosomy: 45 chromosomes
Most common syndrome: Turner's syndrome.
Fetal Transfusion Syndrome
(Twin-to-Twin transfusion)
Only a X chromosome.
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