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gs students

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Pakistan

- its beautiful landscapes.
- danger during election season.
- its rich, spicy, diversified cuisine.
-iron ore
-hydro power
-natural gas
most important resource
The fishing industry plays a role in the national economy of Pakistan. The coastline is 814km and fishery resources still have room to grow. Fishing in Pakistan is major source of export earnings.
-Pakistan's climate is hot and dry near the coast, and cooler toward the northeastern uplands.
-In the winter it is generally cold and dry.
-Rainfall can come from year to year, and can cause flooding.
Military rule was instituted in Oct.1999; a nominal democracy was declared in June 2001 by the ruling military leader, Pervez Musharraf. In the 1990's, Pakistan saw a shaky succession in governments. Benarzir Bhutto was prime minister twice and deposed twice and Nawaz Sharif three times, until he was deposed in a coup on Oct.1,1999, by Gen. Prevez Musharraf.
Where is Pakistan located
Pakistan is known for......
Pakistan is located on the continent of Asia.
Pakistan map
Asia map
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