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Memoirs of a Geisha and The Handmaid's Tale

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Jordan Clarke

on 20 May 2016

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Transcript of Memoirs of a Geisha and The Handmaid's Tale

Oppression of Women
Memoirs of a Geisha
-1929 Sayuri is taken from her village,sold by her father
- Nitta Okiya,Geisha house in Gion- the Geisha district of Kyoto
- turned into a slave by the owner of the Okiya, Mother

The Handmaid's Tale
Oppression in Memoirs of a Geisha
"That' s why I'm more successful then Hatsumomo. I have a wealthy danna[...]'[...]the real money in Gion comes from having a danna, and a geisha without one[...]is like a stray cat on the street without a master to feed it." (Golden 148)

"In the end, Dr. Crab agreed to pay ¥11,500 for my mizuage. Up to that time, this was the highest ever paid for a mizuage in Gion[...]" (279)

"Really, Sayuri, what did you think life as a geisha would be like? We don't become geisha so our lives will be satisfying. We become geisha because we have no other choice." (294) +

"On the first night after the ceremony, I went on the General's instruction's to a small inn in the northwest of Kyoto[...]my encounters with the General became nothing more than an unpleasant twice-weekly routine." (305)
Oppression in The Handmaid's Tale
Real World Connections
- child prostitution
- India: approx 1.2
million children (age9-13)
- inter generational
- Sexual Slavery
- Sex trafficking: 2001 estimated people in sex slavery world wide is IOM= 400,000, FBI= 700,000, UNICEF= 1.75 million
- Japanese "Comfort Women" during WWII

- Offred is a Handmaid in the Republic of Gilead
- no rights for women
- upheld by the Eyes of God and the Guardians of the Faith
- she is caught trying to escape to Canada
- given the choice of becoming a Handmaid or being shipped to the Colonies
- a Handmaid has one purpose, reproduction
- she must participate in what is called the "Ceremony"
- must lay on her back and with the hopes that the Commander makes her pregnant
- a Handmaid is only valuable as long as she is capable of conceiving
- if she is infertile she becomes an unwoman

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- Mameha, comes to Mother and tells her that she wishes to become Sayuri's mentor
- she begins her training as a Geisha
- the life is not what she thought
- women treated like art and property
“Luke can use your Compucount for you[...]They'll transfer your number to him[...]Husband or male next of kin.” (Atwood 224)

"He inserts the key, opens the box, lifts out the Bible[...] The Bible is kept locked up[...]It is an incendiary device: who knows what we'd make of it, if we ever got our hands on it?" (108)

"We are two-legged wombs, that's all: sacred vessels, ambulatory chalices." (171)
Violence Against Women
- December 6th 1989
- Ecole Polytechnique
- Marc Lepine shot and killed 14 women, injured 10 other women and 4 men in under 20 minutes
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