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Sherlock and Transmedia

No description

Simon Gilberg

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Sherlock and Transmedia

The game is on(line)!
The blogging detective
Transmediality – consequence of a modern context
'One of the more prominent examples of transmediality associated with the Sherlock television program is the transmedial storytelling exhibited by the official tie-in websites that complement and expand the series.’
(Harvey, CB)

Clip of Joe Lidster, writer of Sherlock's tie-in websites, from StoryForward:

‘Characters exist beyond individual moments, with specific scenes, lines, or moments of performance building to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.’

(Evans, EJ)
Writers and Users

Fan engagement

The official transmedia extensions allow for little

debate on what constitutes a transmedia text
Effective transmedia has to be justified by the story
Transmedia writers must be part of the project early on, even if the anchor text is the only text set to be consumed by most of the audience
Characters have to remain consistent across media
The question of co-construction and how much, if any, interactivity will be present in some of the platforms
'6 components of television characters:
“psychological traits/habitual behaviours
physical characteristics/appearance
speech patterns
interactions with other characters
(Evans, EJ)
can the authors and the audience co-construct the storyworld?
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