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hey im burger king

No description

burger destroyer

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of hey im burger king

something bit him in
the night
it was a cheeky little goblin trying to eat the burger lord
he was depressed
As he got half of his body bit of he started running

Burger man inspires me
One day a man name burger went to human king
He ordered a double cheese human it was juicy
He bit into it's flesh
It was delicious
He later went to his house and sat on his human couch
It was very?????????????
He later watched blank tv
Yes this is burger lords story
Everyone loves him
except people think he might be weird
burger lord became depressed
noone accepted him anymore
he went on to work at burger king

he became a meaningless snack for an obese human it was bad
burger lords days were over

Burger lord
inspires me because of this story . It is really hear breaking ... Pray for burger lord And his amazing life
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