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Britain wanted her colonies to be self-sufficient

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Nawal Oz

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Britain wanted her colonies to be self-sufficient

Britain wanted her colonies to be

"'The Fathers of Confederation': Robert Harris' grand depiction of the 1864 Charlottetown discussions that led to the union of Upper and Lower Canada with new Brunswick"
An amount of people in Britain believed that colonies of North America were very useful and suitable for production and resources, but others thought all they were doing was eating the payers tax money.
This symbol represents the people who believed that North America was great, and group of people who did not think the same way.
Confederation is
A organization with a number of parties and groups that united in an alliance or league.

Three British Colonies became four provinces of the new dominion. The four provinces are Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Quebec.
Main Reasons for self-sufficiency
Britain wanted her colonies to be more self sufficient because than they could pay for their own military and government.
Another main reason why Britain wanted their colonies to be self-sufficient was because Britain wanted to become less involved with the government of their colonies.
This was because government at the time was very expensive and time consuming.
The mid 1860's is when Britain's attitude began to change towards its colonies. British politicians wanted colonies to become more independent so they could pay for their own government.
Federal Union
The BNA (British North America) colonies believed that a federal union was a great way for them to become more self-sufficient.
"Federal Union is a Pro-European British group launched in November 1938, to advocate a Federal Union of Europe as a post-war aim"
Great Britain decided to support the idea of a federal union. This was important to a lot of British north Americans because they were very loyal to Britain. If Great Britain decided they wanted confederation than these loyal people would have a better sense of approval to confederation.
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