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NGSC Competition

No description

Phillip Maddi

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of NGSC Competition

Technical Analysis
Business Development Strategy for Geothermal/Solar Thermal Hybrid Power Plants in Eastern Oregon

June 26, 2013
National Geothermal Student Competition

Jeffrey Davis
Nora Gibbons
Phillip Maddi
Joseph Miranda
Rachel Wrublik

Agencies Involved

Solar Thermal Collector Type: Parabolic Troughs

Hybrid Integration Technique: Working Fluid Superheat
Hybrid Power Plant Annual Output
More reliable power to the grid
Example output for 5 MW geothermal plant with 500 kW solar thermal array
Resource Characterization
Top 5 Locations:
Klamath Falls
Alvord Valley
Warner Valley
The Geo-Solar Thermal Market
Geothermal Developers
17 of the 18 projects currently in development are low enthalpy sources in eastern Oregon
Face high risk
Utilities - PacifiCorp, Idaho Power, co-ops
Need to meet Renewable Portfolio Standard
Dealing with issues of intermitancy from renewables
Industry & Agriculture
Interested in economical sources of electricity and heat
Local communities
Face economic challenges
Demand more sustainable energy sources
Marc Rappaport
Emerging technology
Call for investors

Revenue and Incentives
Peak rate ~ 42% higher
Off peak rate
RPS Compliance Market
Customer Market
Power Purchase Agreements
Renewable Energy Credits
Energy Trust of Oregon
Provides incentives
for renewable projects
Increased energy and power generation
Decreased solar thermal equipment costs
Increased geothermal reservoir life
Decrease risk of overall project
Technology Benefits
Hybrid Plant Finances
Geothermal Plant Finances
The Future...
NEPA Process
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