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Group 10: Karen Telles, Bana Abtahi, Lauren Mayor and Lauren Flanangan

Lauren Flanagan

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Followers

Presented By: Group 10
Bana Abtahi, Karen Telles, Lauren Flanagan and Lauren Mayor
Class Discussion First: Reaction to the Video?? Second: Topic for Discussion: Where have you seen
followership succeed and fail
in your organization or class-
room setting?? LMX Theory In Group vs Out Group High vs. Low Quality LMX Relationships High LMX Relationships Empowerment Perspective Taking & LMX Relationships Organizational Committment Increased Productivity Job Satisfaction Followership

- For followers to achieve their
full potential, they need to
be fully engaged
(1) they want to be successful as individuals
(2) they want to belong and to share success with others.
Change the meaning of leadership and management so all employees can show leadership.
• Make it clear that anyone who promotes a better way is leading and only then.
• Train executives to be facilitators instead of just acting as solution generators.
• Train executives on how to encourage and receive feedback constructively.
• Train employees on how to give constructive feedback confidently.
• Train employees to identify leadership opportunities - not jobs but issues calling for leadership.
• Raise the profile of mental work and how best to get such work done through others.
• Upgrade management so it is seen as a facilitative, nurturing, empowering function.
Employee Engagement Changing the culture to create engagement Followership
- Effective leaders must work to
understand the values and opinions of
their followers

Thank you Low LMX Relationships Job Dissatisfaction Low Productivity Employee Withdrawal vs. Leaders & Members Must be Able to Take
Each Other's Perspective In Order for A
High Quality LMX Relationship to Develop Culture & Gender Barriers May Exist Due to Stereotypes Suppress one's usual egocentric point of view and view the world from the other's vantage point.
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