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2015 CICS Strategic Plan

Interactive walkthrough of where CICS is focusing in FY15

Daniel Anello

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of 2015 CICS Strategic Plan

Mission: to provide, through innovation and choice, an attractive and rigorous college preparatory education that meets the needs of today's student.
CICS founded
Public schools on public $
2 schools in Chicago
Measuring outcomes & setting the bar high
Implement universal assessments and School Performance Policy emphasizing student growth
Objective: close the achievement gap
7 schools in Chicago serving nearly 5,000 students
Setting our sights on success
Objective: Close the Achievement Gap
New strategic plan outlining a way forward using NWEA and ISAT
Top performing high school
Top performing elementary schools city-wide
14 campuses in Chicago serving nearly 9,000
Objective: Close the Achievement Gap
Successfully in all campuses open longer than 3 years
a great start
Closing Achievement Gap is not enough
We want every student to be prepared for college, not just 1/3
Objective: Close the College Readiness Gap
Redefine our portfolio model's role in the Ed Reform Sector
Be a proof point for small urban districts overseeing a variety of school models
Transition to mission and vision-aligned School Management Partners
Build the systems to ensure success
raise the bar even higher
New strategic plan
New goals
Initial strategic plan
significant growth
to meet community demand
+5 schools
Restructuring to meet school needs and priorities
Data dashboard and warehouse
Data in every conversation
Tighter internal systems
New growth targets for schools
First major win in funding equity
Emerge as leading advocacy voice in Chicago
design, develop, implement
Data driven
100% College-Ready Students
new and improved
proof point for small urban districts
best overall academic growth in CICS history!
last few years have driven a fundamental shift in philosophy network-wide
sense of urgency like never before
dedication to data
very high goals that schools are meeting
educating our students will take every second, every minute, every hour, ALL year long
Operate the highest academic performing K-12 continuum of schools in the districts we serve, eradicating the achievement gap and providing graduates with the academic and psychosocial skills required to be successful in a competitive 4 year college or university.
New Strategic Priorities
college ready
equity for charters
advocate for sustained... ...in funding, resources, access, etc.
philanthropic support
develop and cultivate ongoing...
raising the bar
CICS will continue to partner with School Managent Organizations that:

Have an unwavering belief that all children can learn

Recognize and act in accordance with the urgency of our Mission

Set the bar based on what is necessary for students to be college-ready and
based on what we currently think is possible

Seek to collaborative with CICS and other partners to achieve our Vision
Take on Summer Setback
Data-Driven Processes
Common Core Aligned
College Persistence
Look beyond academics - grit, citizenship, social awareness, financial awareness, study habits, etc.
TRUE college readiness for all students requires lofty goals:
130% S to S Growth
EPAS Growth
90% college enrollment
100% college applications
Best schools
College Applications and Enrollment
Reflective and eager to grow
We have no option but to fight for what is equitable for our students and families
Remaining Challenges
fighting 11 anti-charter bills
Clarity on funding inequity
to charter students for the first time ever
Title and operating funding
increases of $25 million+
Improved access
to district grants and supports
Formation of
Charter Parents United
Campus driven advocacy and
emerging CICS parent support
Advocacy driven successes in 2014
Facilities Funding

still inequitable

with $300+/student discrepancy
Mayor and other advocates afraid
to support fixes to charter inequity (additional seats, facilities funding, etc.)
Marginally supportive key stakeholders
(CPS Board)
uncontested anti-charter rhetoric
Misinformed and uniformed
Until we solve the inequity in funding to charter students, our 9,000+ students need us to:
develop internal capacity to fund our efforts in other ways
build our base of philanthropic supporters who believe in CICS and our mission
secure unrestricted support for the cohesive build out of critical strategic work
move CICS Board to become an active driver of our fundraising efforts
FY15 $1.0 million per year
FY16 $1.8 million per year
FY17 $2.5 million per year
CICS is intent on building the network infrastructure necessary to achieve these goals
Data as a Foundation
School Quality Reviews
begin 3 year study that will determine ability to replicate a portfolio district with diverse partners
$250 per student
climate change
New Mayor in Chicago
Teacher Strike
Traditional CPS Superintendent
National Ed Reform Backlash
City and State in Economic Crisis
better-aligned SMO partners
CTU strategy: eliminate charter schools
11 anti-charter bills in Springfield
Ongoing negative press
Mayor afraid to openly support charters
aligned partners
Mission & Vision
utilizing outcome data effectively will require CICS' ongoing committment to:
a comprehensive data system
a small data team including a dashboard/warehouse technician and an analyst
ensuring ongoing academic success within a portfolio model requires continuous monitoring of what is occurring within each school

a small team of academic experts
a tightly run school quality review process
CICS infrastructure, systems, and processes have been realigned to support our new academic targets
Data System
Data Analyst
Data Manager
Ongoing School Review Process
Mgr. Academic Accountability
Dir. Academic Accountability
OUTCOMES: Data Team and School-Level Data Tools
infrastructure and systems that optimally respond to school input and outcome cycle
INPUTS: Academic Support Team and School Review Process
Other key factors:
Partner contracts aligned to objectives
Integrated and cohesive processes with robust supports to schools
management transitions at 11 campuses under new strategic plan
Strategy: Create a cohesive network of CICS parent and teacher advocates
Efforts in 2015 will focus on developing:
parent ambassadors per school
teacher ambassador per school
Ambassadors will:
Actively engage with key legislators
Fight for equal funding and equitable policies
Lead other parents to get involved
Understand political environment
Communicate individual stories of choice
$175 per student
$100 per student
Long-term goal:
parent ambassadors per school
teacher ambassador per school
First Resident Joins
Broad's influence begins
x 1
x 2
Second Resident Joins
Broad continues to help transform
Broad's investment in CICS leadership grows
CEO joins Broad Academy
x 3
x 3
+1 resident
-1 resident EOY
x 3+

to operate the highest academic performing K-12 continuum of schools in the districts we serve, eradicating the achievement gap and providing graduates with the academic and psychosocial skills required to be successful in a competitive 4 year college or university.
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