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Pollution and population

No description

Shannon Cross

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Pollution and population

By: Kiana And Hana
Pollution and population
In China, there are 1,267,401,783,836 people. That may cause a lot of pollution. If there is that much pollution, then people might not be able to live there anymore! In India there are 1,267,401,849 so they
have a lot of pollution. Did you know that most
people throw away 100 pounds of trash every year.


You can help pollution by:
Use solar panels
Use green electricity to reduce the sun
Turn of lights when your not using them
It would be better if you walked or rode your bike then drove
Use reusable things like glass cups and not plastic silverware
Reuse,Reduce, and Recycle
How to help pollution
We can lose clean water, if ships keep dumping trash and oil spills underwater creatures will DIE!
If we lose underwater creatures, we won't have seafood. Air pollution is bad for your lungs, it could kill you. If population causes more pollution, then we could die. So lets try to recycle.
How pollution effects the world
Pollution causes bad things to happen with the food chains. If krill were to become extinct then animals like whales would not survive because wales eat krill.
Another harmful pollutant is oil. Oil from ships, recreational boats, and oil tankers need to be more careful not to have oil left in our oceans.
Different Kinds of Pollution
There are all kinds pollution. All of them are very bad. Including, water pollution, air pollution, chemical pollution,
population pollution, and smoke pollution. If you want to know ways to save pollution, one of them is recycling. Recycling helps use reuse things like, cans, plastic water bottles, plastic plates, and plastic utensils.


Britannica, Brain pop, Brain pop Jr, Google,
and QAI
Thanks For Watching
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