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Roman Building Journal

No description

emily schnurr

on 4 April 2015

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Transcript of Roman Building Journal

Process journal
Betty's Entry
We decided on the Roman villa because it is a very interesting form of Roman architecture. We sent emails back and forth to decide when and where to get started. We met on Sunday, the 9th and 16th of March to build it. A big challenge was the glue gun. the first meeting it didn't work and the second meeting it was really hot. This villa's marvelous and beautiful architecture helped the Romans win over their conquered peoples. It was interesting to see in the picture the luxuries, strength, and hospitality that was these villas. One of the things I liked about the building process was making the people inside. We chose this particular villa because the building technique was so utterly magnificent and one of the most famous concepts we have copied from the Romans.
Emily's Entry
A big challenge was meeting each other because we all had different activities at different times. I was was exited to start making the villa because we all had different ideas and we had to collaborate all our thoughts together to make our villa. I really liked making our villa because we got to b creative and got to feel like a roman making a villa where people would sleep and eat. It helped me to see how the Romans lived and how the Romans showed their power by making BIG houses to let their citizens stay in. I really liked comparing the villa to modern buildings because we got to see how we copied some of our ideas off of the Roman empire to create places that we go to in our everyday life.
Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed learning about the Roman villa!
Elsa's Entry
Roman Villas
I dont know about Emily and Betty but I picked the Roman Villa because it is still a type of building we still use today, and its interesting to see what has changed in thousands of years. The Romans used it for shelter, but mostly it was just a place for relaxation and fun. It didn't really help expand the Roman empire but it did show how wealthy and powerful Rome was. From the process of building this model, we have learned the floor plans and sample plans for ancient roman villas and how to properly use a hot glue gun without burning yourself. It was hard to get everyone together at one time because everyone had a lot of after school curriculums. I liked building the walls and floors the best. I also liked Emily's popcorn.

Our project has been to recreate a Roman villa. The citations are in the slide above. The Romans built the villas to live in, as well as hold discussions. Villas were normally only for the upper class Patricians. These villas were located in the big, rich cities all over the Roman Empire. There was plumbing, and lamps for lighting, there would be a kitchen, and a comfortable dining room as well as several bedrooms. A nuclear family, which would be two parents and their children, would live there.
A sample Plan is shown in the next slide.
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We couldn't find a modern day building like the villas, but we have found that any kind of rich persons country house could be defined as a villa very much like ours. And we have art in our houses, like the Romans had frescoes and mosaics on the walls, the ceiling and even on the floor. Modern day villas are typically at the beach. the suburbs, or some normally sunny parts of the country. They also are normally used as summer homes or mansions.
Villas do not help the U.S. become a better country, But showed the wealth and power of Rome. Villas today have better technology and indoor plumbing. But even though, Roman villas were just as elaborate and beautuful as ones today.
****Each of us has answered separately about why we chose to study and build this villa.***
The Romans built the villas to live in and hold discussions and meetings.
They would be specially designed to fit the class of the person who lived there. Mostly upper class Patricians lived in those villas. These villas displayed the intelligence and magnificence of Rome. That helped them win over the hearts of their conquered peoples.
Where and When?
These villas were built all over the Roman Empire from Rome itself, to Great Britain. Different kinds of villas, from country houses to local governors homes, to the town hall kinds of meeting places,were built at various times during the Roman Empire.
Introduction to a Roman Villa
Sample Floor plan
Why did the Romans build it?
The Roman Villa
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