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HNC 04 - Detailed Product Analysis

A Critical Evaluation of Russell Joslin's Music Video: 'Dreams & Country Lanes' Directed by Blonde Films

Tom Middleton

on 15 November 2011

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Transcript of HNC 04 - Detailed Product Analysis

Russel Joslin:
Dreams and Country Lanes Directed by:
A Detailed Report Blooms Taxonomy of learning. Adapted from:
Bloom, B. S. (Ed) (1956) Taxonomy of educational objectives: The classification of educational goals. Handbook I.
Cognitive Domain. New Yourk: Toronto. Longmans. Green. High Order
Thinking Skills Low Order
Thinking Skills 1: Knowledge... A Music Video = a commercial videotape featuring a performance of a popular song, often through a stylized dramatization by the performers with
lip-synching and special effects.
- Dictionary.com Michael Jackson's 'BAD' 1987
Directed by
Martin Scorsese 1985 2007 2000 1987 Madonna's
'Material Girl'
Directed by Mary Lambert Fatboy Slim
'Weapon of Choice'
Directed by Spike Jonze won multiple awards at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards and earned a Grammy Award for Best Short Form Video Cadbury's 'Gorilla' Advert:
Produced by:
Fallon Advertising Agency Arcade Fire:
'We Used to Wait'
2010 2010 Music Video... Contextual History Advertising New Media New Strategies... First Ever Music Video Iconic early
example New Audience.. 2: Comprehension... Two Questions:
a: Do you understand WHY Music Videos exist?
b: do you understand the RJ Music Video? MARKETING!!!
..to who? Existing fans..? New Fans..? Cadbury's Ad... Money SHOT! 2'41" Ben Dawson of Blonde Films: The Idea came from one line of the song:

"I know what I've got but I know what I'm not" 2: Comprehension:

Can you relate the song lyrics to the video? 3: Application... Historical context + Comprehension = ..? More Sales? More Publicity? Hits on Youtube: 742 Album Sales..? 4: Analysis The Death of the Music industry http://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/01/opinion/01blow.html?_r=2 According to data from the Recording Industry Association of America, since music sales peaked in 1999, the value of those sales, after adjusting for inflation, has dropped by more than half. At that rate, the industry could be decimated before Madonna’s 60th birthday. By CHARLES M. BLOW
Published: July 31, 2009 What does this mean for Music Videos..? 5: Evaluation... Your opinion..? Means.. Nothing. If you love music with emotion and feeling behind it, Russell Joslin is the man for you. I personally cannot wait to go to one of his gigs 31 March 2010
By Kat Nicholls
For Folks Sake He reframes folk's storytelling tradition and brings it kicking and screaming into the 21st century, and is - without doubt - one of the most versatile and riveting young talents on the scene. 18/01/08Holly Dawson

Read more: http://www.clickmusic.com/live/article/Russell-Joslin-Hasting-Smugglers#ixzz1ai70xwRC What The Critics Say... BLONDE FILMS:
BENJAMIN DAWSON BA (HONS) Self-shooting Producer/Director & FCP Editor Blonde Ltd (Self-employed)
Self-Employed; Media Production industry

April 2008 – Present (3 years 7 months)

Recommend Benjamin’s work at Blonde Ltd
Freelance Lighting Camera Operator & FCP Editor Benjamin Dawson
Media Production industry

February 2007 – April 2008 (1 year 3 months)

Recommend Benjamin’s work at Benjamin Dawson
Lighting Camera Operator & FCP Editor Chrome @ McCann Erickson
Media Production industry

February 2005 – February 2007 (2 years 1 month)

Recommend Benjamin’s work at Chrome @ McCann Erickson
VT Operator & Avid Editor Roughcuts Ltd
Media Production industry

December 2002 – February 2005 (2 years 3 months)

Recommend Benjamin’s work at Roughcuts Ltd
Freelance Camera-operator & FCP Editor Visual Creations
Media Production industry

September 2001 – December 2002 (1 year 4 months)

Recommend Benjamin’s work at Visual Creations
Ben Doug DOUGLAS NEWMAN BA (HONS) Thursday, 19 February 2009
blonde direct the story behind the Bob Dylan Co-operative commercial...

blonde were hired by Chrome of McCann Erickson to direct the story behind the new Co-operative commercial, which features Bob Dylan's iconic song Blowing In The Wind.

The HIGHS Music Genre...? Target Audience..? Tuesday, 10 March 2009
NFL Superbash VI Promo

blonde produced and directed the promo for the NFL Superbash held at the O2 - the largest Superbowl party outside of the US. Featuring The Saturday's, Beardyman, Trevor Nelson, Adalius Thomas (Linebacker for the New England Patriots) and lots of Cheerleaders...
what they do: “Blonde is a vibrant production company specialising in creating intelligent content across a wide variety of platforms. A one-stop-shop tailoring affordable bespoke solutions to businesses and organisations across the globe and all sectors. We work with advertising agencies, broadcasters and blue- chip companies as we as smaller businesses who are new to film production. Whether it is a cinema commercial, an infomercial, a corporate video or a promotional DVD, you can be sure we will offer you a cost effective and outstanding service.” www.blondefilms.com How does this..

Compare to the Russell Joslin Video?
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