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The Man From Snowy River (Good)

No description

Anthony Georgiou

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of The Man From Snowy River (Good)

More Australian
Landscapes Another Australian Landscape that is in this amazing poem is in verse 9 it says,
"Wombat holes" by saying the word 'wombat' it tells us that this poem is set in Australia where the wombats are native to!

The last Australian landscape in this poem is mentioned in verse 1, Banjo Paterson says the words 'Old Regret Station'. The word 'station' is Australian therefore giving the whole setting Australian characteristics! Australian Landscapes The Australian landscapes are shown quite a lot in this amazing poem by Banjo Paterson.

Firstly, in this poem he mentions the word 'Mt Kosciusko' and obviously 'Snowy River'. Saying both of these words in the poem tells that it is set in the New South Wales of Australia!

Secondly, Banjo Paterson also used lots of literal techniques to show the landscapes and other things. For example, he uses alliteration in verse 10 saying "Flint stones flying" and again in verse 10 where it says, "Stringy bark and sapling".

Another technique that he uses are similes, like in verse 9 "Racing down the mountain like a torrent" which tells how steep the hills actually are in the landscape but in an interesting way! Introduction Australian Characters There are many stanzas in this poem that talk about the characters. More Australian Characters and Horses As well as characters in this poem there are many horses that share many characteristics from the horse riders. Some would even say they were as unison.
This can been seen in stanza 9, it says "And he raced down the mountain like a torrent". If the horse was afraid it would stop just like Clancy but it shared the characteristic from the Man from Snowy River of being brave!
Another example of this friendship that the horses and the rider share, is in stanza 3. It says "a stripling on a small and weedy beast". You could say that they even share that because the word "stripling" means small, rookie or even lad! So the horse and the rider are both quite small! Colours The reason that I used the colours in my visual representation is because the orange background represents the rich soil of the outback.

The reason that I used yellow and green for the text is because of the Australian colours of green and gold! (Yellow)

I also had some very key words coloured in red just so they could stand out! By Anthony Georgiou The Man From Snowy River The Man from Snowy River by the famous Banjo Paterson and is about a a young man or 'stripling', or even 'underdog' that comes to town and overcomes many ups and downs but achieves what he came to do!

Of course this amazing poem is set in the rugged and tough Australian rough terrain giving it the landscape that it is today. Alliteration Similes The first example is the Man from snowy river, he was determined to get the job done and he also never gave up! Like in stanza 3 "He was hard and tough and wiry-- just the sort that won't say die".

The man from snowy river was also very courageous, because it says it stanza 9 "even Clancy took a pull", but then it also says "But the Man from Snowy River let the pony have his head". Meaning that the Man from Snowy River was even more courageous than the great Clancy" Courageous Determined Wombat Holes Old Regret Unison Brumbies Red Green & Gold Orange Conclusion The Man from Snowy River is Austrlian for many reasons including the landscapes and also the characters that I just talked about!

But the most Australian thing about this poem is that it is written by the famous Australian Banjo Paterson which makes the whole poem Australian! Landscapes
& Characters Thank you for listening
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