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Grant Writing: Project Planning and Needs Statements

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Rachael Crane

on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of Grant Writing: Project Planning and Needs Statements

Grant Writing: Project Planning and Needs Statements
October 18, 6-8 PM
Overview of the workshop
Advance Planning
Needs Statements
Project Planning
Schedule for tonight's workshop:
Rachael Crane
BAUP, University of Illinois
Urban Planner, Homer L. Chastain & Associates
Executive Director, Arcola Chamber of Commerce
Freelance Grant Writer
Why are you taking this course?
What is your grant experience to date?
Are you or have you attended any of the other workshops?
Understand tasks that must be done prior to writing proposal elements
Learn tips for research
Sharpen grant language skills
-Clarify and communicate goals
objectives, and outcomes
Project Ideas
Workshop Overview
Getting started

Start a grant binder to organize information
Advance Planning
Handout #1
Grant Binder Ideas
What types of projects coincide with your organization's mission?

Do you have multiple project ideas? Which one is best?

Is there already a project in place that needs funding?

Are you looking for additional funding to complete or implement a project?
Who will be working on the proposal development?
Handout #2
Advance Planning Exercise
The project may not involve outside research, but there is still information to gather

Like a puzzle, research pieces must be put together to see the bigger picture
Research can be in the form of:
Internet or library searches
Contacting other organizations
Key information:
Organizational information
Project background
Statistics and previous studies
Resources available/needed
Staff and materials requirements
Research Strategically
Determine your competitive advantages
-What makes you different from your competitors?
-What characteristics do you want to highlight?
-What are your competitors weaknesses that are your
The Funder
Learn details of a potential funder organization
-Buzzwords of the RFP
-Previously funded projects
Needs Statements
The solution to a problem begins with a thorough understanding of the problem
What "need" are you trying to fulfill?
How well do you understand and know the need?
Why is it important to resolve the need?
Is it possible to resolve the need?
Who will benefit from the project?
Handout #4
Needs Statement Worksheet
Handout #3
Determining Your Competitive Advantage
What's a Needs Statement?
Makes the argument that a need truly exists and illustrates how fulfilling that need is clearly related to your organizations mission and purpose

Lays the groundwork for the project and how the project will specifically address that need to better serve people
Tips for Writing Needs Statements
Support the need with evidence such as statistical facts, expert views, and trends

Illustrate and substantiate your organization's ability to respond to the need

Use the KISS Principle (keep it sweet and simple)

Avoid jargon and keep the language simple
Handout #5
Suggestions for Writing a Needs Statement
Group Activity
Review the needs statement(s) and determine if it is successful or problematic using the Need Statement Peer Review Evaluation
-Make note of questions that come to you when reading,
typos, factual errors, etc.
-Use the evaluation form to rank the needs statement

Share your opinion
-What would you think if you were the reviewer?
-Is the need justified?
-Other thoughts or opinions?
Project Planning
Once the need is uncovered, defined and evidence is found to make it justifiable, project planning must be done to eradicate or assist the need.

Goals and Objectives
Populations served
Needs of the project
Methods and justification for the methods
Handout #7
Project Idea Worksheet
Further define your goals and objectives
What goals do you hope to achieve?
-The overall result desired

What are the stated objectives?
-An action that must take place in order to achieve the goal

What will be the outcome?
-How your project will impact the need or the deliverable you will provide;
quantifiable measures
Goals, Objectives, Outcomes, and Resources
What tasks must be completed in order to satisfy the objective and achieve the goals of the project?

How long will those tasks take, what resources are needed and what are the costs?
Handouts #8 & #9
Goals, Objectives, Outcomes, and Resources
Final Questions?
Thank you for attending "Grant Writing: Project Planning and Needs Statements"!
Handout #6
Need Statement Peer Evaluation
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