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Library of Congress

No description

cheyenne warnke

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Library of Congress

Preview history
budget Map of Library of Congress agency got started Started in 1800
Started by Thomas Jefferson
only $5,000
1814 library burned by british troops
1815 re-established by Thomas Jefferson
bought his 6,487 volumes for $23,950 By Cheyenne Warnke
Period 1 Imagine the largest library in the world.
155.3 million items,
35 million books and other print materials,
68 million manuscripts
approximately 838 miles of bookshelves,
in 3 different buildings
And that library receiving 11,000 more items everyday. important events, and people history since then past issues current and future issues
solutions support the Congress in fulfilling its constitutional duties and to further the progress of knowledge and creativity for the benefit of the American people
believe that all American people have the right to learn How you join different careers budget Congressional Research Service
Law library of Congress
Library services
office of Librarian
Office of Strategic Initiatives
Office of Support Operations
You can visit this library, and you can look at its extensive collections.
all you have to do is go to Washington DC, and go to the library of congress.
but before you do that, if you do, there are some things you may be interested in first. one of the greatest and most helpful libraries in the world, and one with a rich history... started 1800 by Thomas Jefferson
1814 british burn library, 1815 rebuilt
Smithsonian tries to take over
1851 fire destroys 35,000 books, 2/3 of whole collection
library is neglected during Civil War
Ainsworth Rand Spofford builds Jefferson Building
1897 library becomes largest library in nation
October 7, 2012 chairman for law library David S. Mao appointed
2005 national digital library announced
1987 James H. Billington appointed
Daniel J. Boorstin moves Madison building in 1980-82
L. Quincy Mumford constructed James Madison building Mission Statement
Creed James H. Billington
22 honorary degrees
inaugurated September 14, 1987
13th to have position
went into army
teacher at Harvard university from 1957-1962, then moved to Princeton Thomas Jefferson have experience as librarian
undergo training
Federal style resume
must be citizen different Jobs Library of Congress federal agency
law library
congressional research office
office of strategic initiatives overall spending: $671,552
fiscal spending 2012: $629,207
fiscal spending request 2013: $643,550
amount of money changed: $14,343 or a %2.3 change hope you have enjoyed this presentation, and it hasn't been to boring, yet you learned something about this library. i hope you get the chance to go there someday, and witness it's splendor yourself. founder of library of congress
quoted as saying he "could not live without books"
third president of united states
founding father
principle author of constitution interview Mark F. Hall
Research Specialist
Digital Reference Section
what a job there is like
how long people usually work there
requirements to work there
main function of law library of congress what they spend it on collections
different programs
upkeep of buildings
among other things review historyjobsissuesmissionbudget digital library

budget cuts

copyright issues nothing will be done this year
fired people
cut back on spending
work steadily through it running out of room
books being destroyed
keep up with changing digital world
figure out what their job is current director
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