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Noughts & Crosses

In their world, noughts and crosses simply don't mix. And as hostility turns to violence, can Callum and Sephy possibly find a way to be together? They are determined to try. And then the bomb explodes.

Jesus Vigil

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of Noughts & Crosses

Noughts & Crosses By Jesus Vigil Callum. Callum is a nought guy who lives with his family, he best-friends Persephone Hadley. He goes to her school and he does not understand why can't noughts and crosses can't be together. At the beggining, he asked Sephy for a kiss. The novel also tells they were best friends since Sephy was a baby. He lived in a very big house. His parents did not get on well with Sephy's. His sister had an accident. His brother was against the friendship he had with Sephy. Because of the problems with his family, he had to meet Sephy in a special place, the beach. Each time they wanted to meet each other, they went to the beach. One day, he decided to go to Sephy's school. It was a school for crosses. Crosses were against noughts, they did not wanted them in their schools. There was a sort of revolution. In the middle of this revolution, Sephy said that the noughts were blankers and Callum felt offended. ): The next day, Sephy wanted to sit next to him, but he sat with another nought. Sephy was angry. In lunchtime, Sephy sat in the noughts table, but Mrs. Bawden didn't wanted a cross siting with the noughts. Callum got out of the school, he ran to the beach, where he always met Sephy, he started to punch the sand till his knucles started to bleed. He wanted the noughts to be with the crosses, and he didn't wanted this kind of discrimination. I think that Callum is right, his world should not be divided in two different parts, because we are all people. If I would have the same problem as Callum, I would do the same, (except punching the sand) because discrimination and racism should not exist, everybody have rights because we are all people. Thanks for your attention:) English
8th Shakespeare
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