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The Adventure!

No description

Lydia Koehn

on 16 April 2016

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Transcript of The Adventure!

The Adventure!
Youth With A Mission
Discipleship Training School

For the first 3 months of my YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS), called the Marriage of the Arts (MOTA), I lived in Nürnberg, Germany:

Attending daily lectures
Studying the Bible and Creative Writing
Learning how to use my art to share God's love through community projects in the city
The Beginning: Germany!
Partnered with the local ministry of the Lighthouse with Indians and Tibetan monks, nuns, and refugees in the Himalayan mountains!
Dharamsala, India
Hampi, South India
Spent 2 weeks in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal:

Working on our visas for India
Visiting Bloom Nepal, a local school--playing soccer, learning traditional Nepali folk dances
Prayer walks
First Stop: Nepal!
Mission Live Conference: A time of igniting passion through prayer, worship, and miracles!
Nürnberg, Germany
I'm going on an adventure!!!
The Team!
Football with Bloom Nepal School
Dance Class!
Leaving Michigan...
Traveling South Down the Tracks!
Nightly English conversation classes
Daily art and creative writing workshops
Weekly open mic nights
Worshipping in the mountains beneath Buddhist prayer flags
Showered with white scarves of blessing at the goodbye party!
Graduation back in Herrnhut, Germany: where the Moravian Church started the modern missionary movement!
Worship on the Rocks!
All Tribes Café
Mural God designed...
and we painted!
Mountain sunrises after all-night prayer vigils!
YWAM Marriage Of The Arts (MOTA) Retreat in Barcelona, Spain
A week of dreaming and asking God what He wants to create with me next...
Some Ideas...
Thank You!!!
Rooftop view!
At the Mumbai Airport heading back to Germany...
Rice Fields
Incredible sunsets!
For more stories:

Return to Nürnberg, Germany to:
Pioneer an art magazine with YWAM
Organize art workshops in local cafés, connecting the next MOTA students with the community in Nürnberg
Partner with churches to create a house of prayer: an open space for prayer, art, and worship

Return to Europe to partner with YWAM in a full-time staff role

Return to Europe to join full-time with another parachurch organization in the arts
In Hampi, we volunteered at All Tribes, a donation-based, organic café, using it as a platform for conversations over tea and coffee during the day and for poetry, art, and open mic events at night.
God gave us so many opportunities to pray for others, including the government officials of Hampi!
We found amazing friends in the local Indian shopkeepers and tourist backpackers and climbers.
Our open mic jam sessions naturally transitioned into worship with people of all different faiths!
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