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No description

team 4

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of HEART!!!

Doesn't seem like much?
An average average person spends 3 hours daily on Facebook
It takes
54.27 megawatts
to power Facebook.
Since a heart generates 115,000 watts per day,
it would take 487* adult human hearts to power facebook every day!
Blood flow rate of a154 lb adult: 6L/min OR 100 cm3/s.
Average arterial pressure = 13,300 Pa (ignoring pulsatile flow),
Average power output = 13,300,000 ergs/s or 1.33 watts.
*since the number of active facebook users is constantly growing, this is number increases every day!

What's the of your heart?
Consider the amount of energy produced by your
heart in a day:
Would you give up your
to keep alive?
Everyone talks about will power, but do you know how much
your heart makes?
115,000 J/day
115,000 J/day
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