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Step by Wicked Step

Presentation for English subject.

Nurul Syafiqa

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Step by Wicked Step

Characters Moral values and lessons Loyalty Chapter 4: Colin's Story Step by Wicked Step Exposition Colin Themes Family relationships Anne Fine Synopsis Colin grew up with his mother and stepfather. He never knew his real father. Colin loved his stepfather and called him 'dad'. His mother decided to leave his dad one day and they moved away. She did not explain the reason to Colin. Life is difficult for his mum and him - his mum works in the school canteen and is often tired and grumpy while he misses his dad terribly. Colin pretends that his dad is still around and talks to him day and night. One day, Colin's mother threw away the boots in which Colin kept the tobacco. Even after 5 years, Colin still misses him. He does not let his mother know that he has not forgotten his dad and that he is saving up to find his dad one day. Colin lives happily with his mother and stepfather
who he calls 'dad'. Rising action One day, Colin's mother decides to leave his
dad and move away secretly. Colin realizes at last that his dad is not coming
because his mother keeps their whereabouts a
secret. He writes a letter to his dad but receives
no reply. Climax Falling action Colin feels that his mother does not aware of him.
One day, his mother throws away the boots in which
he keeps his dad's tobacco tin. Colin continues to miss
his dad even after 5 years. Plot - A lone child living with a single parent, he tends
to be gloomy and morose.
- Reserved and sensitive.
- Loyal towards his mother and loves her in his own way.
- He is determined to find his 'Dad' and he has a well-thought-out plan to do that. Colin's mother - She works hard but tends to complain about fatigue.
- Being caught up with her own problems, she has no spare energy to really understand Colin and what he wants. Colin's stepfather (Jack) - He got together with Colin's mum when Colin was eight months old.
- He is genial and pleasant.
- According to Colin's mother, he has another side to his character which Colin has not seen.
- He has not bothered to get a proper job. Language and style Imagery The author uses very vivid descriptions to create
pictures in the reader's mind. Repetition Repetition is used to show emphasis. Simple sentences and local idioms There is a smattering of informal language and local
idioms to give the story an authentic local flavor. Colin's story explores a family relationship that is special in a complicated way. The quest for happiness Colin's story is also one boy's quest for happiness and stability in his life. He is saving up and waiting till he is old enough to find his dad who is symbolised as the bluebird of happiness Adult responsibility Colin's story explores the theme of responsibility or the lack of it, on the part of adults towards their children when they themselves are embroiled in problematic relationships. Colin still loves his stepfather even after 5 years. He always dreamed of talking to his dad. People must act in a responsible manner Colin's mother is so caught up with her own problems that they do not even notice that Colin is suffering. One must make well-thought-out decisions Colin is thinking of running away when the time is right to look for his dad. The Bluebird of Happiness
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