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Lan Samantha Chang's Housepainting

English Project

Allison McClain

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Lan Samantha Chang's Housepainting

By Allison McClain Lan Samantha Chang's
"Housepainting" Author Info Lan Samantha Chang is employed in the Writer's Workshop at the University of Iowa. Her parents were Asian immigrants. She has taught at many famous schools, such as Harvard and Stanford. She is a writer of novels and short stories. Story Summary Annie's sister, Frances, comes to visit with her boyfriend, Wei. Wei asks Frances to marry him, but she doesn't want to. Frances doesn't want to disappoint her parents, either, so she doesn't have any options. Wei wants to impress Frances' parents, so he paints their house. Frances is upset by this so she starts to paint the house back to the original color. Frances and Annie's parents would be upset if they saw the strangely colored house, so the repaint it the color that Weir wanted. Frances decides that her parents' happiness is more important than her own, so she agrees to marry Wei. Literary Elements mood: nostalgic
tone: informal, remembering
narrator: Annie
characters: Annie, Mom, Dad, Frances, Wei
setting: Frances and Annie's parents' house Figurative Language This story uses the aspect of imagery heavily.

imagery: "dirt stained feet, sweaty glasses, and muddy gardening gloves"
simile: "My mind whirled like a pinwheel"
alliteration: "Wei sat sunk in his seat, a speculative look on his face." Story and Software Evaluation The story had a large amount of symbolism. For example, when Frances and Annie helped Wei to paint the house the color that he wanted, it symbolized Frances giving up what she wanted. The software was simple and easy to use, but it looked very neat and clean nevertheless. Actually, I tried many other types of software first. Everything else annoyed me so I fell back on using Prezi. It's the Old Reliable.
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