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Damon Bell

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of St.Lucia

In this great island,there are so many great religions. Most of this island is Roman Catholic at 67.5%.Then there is Protestant 18.2% then, Seventh Day Adventist at 8.5%, Pentecostal 5.7%, Anglican 2%, Evangelical at 2%, Christian 5.1%, other 1.1% and no religions 4.5%
Fun Facts

Come enjoy St. Lucia's tropical climate with me. Grab a drink because it's warm year round.
Enjoy all the beaches and scenery. Enjoy all the
mountains and volcanoes in this beautiful island.

Hello, I 'm Damon, your guide to Saint Lucia. I will inform you about the geography, religion, demographics, fun facts, tourist attractions and so much more.
St. Lucia
Demographics cont'd
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Lets start with the demographics.
The population is 180,870!The population grew by about 2,000 starting from about the 1900's
Let's start with demographics.
The population is 180,870.
Starting in about the year 1900, the population grew between 1,000 to 2,000 people each year!
St. Lucia is about 620 km so
it is very small. It is only three and a half times the
size of Washington,DC.
The life expectancy is about 77 years old.
Median age is about 32 years.
There is about a 21% chance that you see an obese person.
The official language is English
St. Lucia is a democracy.
The national bird is the parrot
The cost to stay in one of the hotels is about $60 per night. That price includes activities at the hotel, transportation and food.
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