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Become A Vegetarian

how & why

Bharathi Srinivasan

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of Become A Vegetarian

Become A Vegetarian
(How to do it & Why you`re doing it) How Instead of eating meat for protein, eat
beans (most type of beans have the same amount of protein as meat).
Chick peas and kidney beans are good in soups & stews. Replace hotdogs & chicken burgers on
the barbecue with vegetarian burgers. Become A Vegetarian As you go through the maze, you will find out Why
& How to Become a Vegetarian.
If you have questions like ''Why should I give up my
tasty chicken burgers for vegetarian burgers ?'', then listen carefully. Why Did you know that raising animals for food creates more greenhouse gas than all the cars & trucks in the world?
I'll tell you how. To start, trees are cut to make pastureland for animals. That takes away oxygen.
Meat consumption has more than tripled since 1961 and by 2050 it could double. Another thing is that processing meat uses fuel.
In order to eat 1 calorie of animal protein, you create 10 times the greenhouse gas than 1 calorie of plant protein. Animals create 2 greenhouse gases, nitrous oxide and methane which effect the climate
per kilogram more than carbon dioxide.
A vegan - someone who doesn't eat meat, fish or dairy foods creates 1.3 fewer tonnes of carbon dioxide than a meat eater every year! Other tips to become a vegetarian are: Try to eat less meat so you aren't full vegetarian.
And if you're having trouble coming up with ideas,
get a vegetarian cookbook or search online for recipes.
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