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The Kite Runner Chapter 23

No description

Rene Fenech

on 11 April 2016

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Transcript of The Kite Runner Chapter 23

Character Development~Amir
In this chapter he Became...
Character Development Secondary Characters

The secondary Characters in this chapter are:
Important Quotations
Symbols and Motifs
A symbol from this section is the dream that Amir had about him wresting a Bear.
A quote from that section is
"Sitting on the bears chest fingers digging into his snout, he looks up at me and I see, He is me. I am wrestling the bear." -Amir pg 295
Kahoot Link
Important Quotations
"For you a thousand times over," Farid said, and, just like that, I was crying." - Amir Pg: 305
The Kite Runner Chapter 23
The Meaning Behind the Tree Template
The reason we chose a tree for our presentation template was to symbolize when Amir and Hassan went to the pomegranate tree in an earlier chapter.
Project By:
Elena Fenech, Marissa D'Alfonso, Abe Guadiana,
Julia Detrych, Brendan Gabbard, Devon Dozier
"The impact had cut your upper lip in two, he had said, clean down the middle. Clean down the middle. Like a harelip. " -Armand Pg: 297
"Forgive your father if you can. Forgive me if you wish. But most important, forgive yourself." - Rahim Khan Pg: 302
"Your father was a man torn between two halves, Amir jan: you and Hassan. He loved you both but he could not love Hassan the way he longed to, openly, and as a father. So he took it out on you instead Amir." - Rahim Khan Pg: 101
"What did he tell you about us (speaker: Amir)?" "Just that you were the best friend he ever had." - Sohrab Pg: 306
The new characters in this chapter are:
Have any characters changed in this chapter?

I don’t think any characters have changed. The only character that has changed is Amir because of what he went through and what he looks and sounds like now after what happened. Amir’s personality also changed when he saw Sohrab.

Ahmad shah massoud’s assassination sept. 9 2001

9/11 attacks on the u.s. By al-qaeda hijacks 4 planes

Operation enduring freedom

Al-qaeda and the taliban

“How much more do you need to see? Let me save you the trouble: Nothing that you remember has survived. Best to forget.” -farid





Dr. Farqui
Work Cited Page
On pg. 305 Farid told Amir this “For you a thousand times over, Farid said.” This quote means that he wants Amir to get out of Pakistan and to get to Islamabad so both Sohrab and Amir can be safe and not get in the way of the Taliban.

Chapter 23 takes place in a hospital in Peshawar Pakistan
The setting affects the characters by keeping them in a hospital for the whole chapter and it affects the plot by giving Amir new injures that
he has to deal with and also including new characters like doctors and nurses to the story.
Self conscious
More caring
Amir has been beaten up by Assef in the previous chapter, and is now in the hospital paying for it.
Amir has learned that...
That he can start to forgive himself
Sohrab means a lot to him
Amir has changed...
"What you did was wrong, Amir Jan, but do not forget that you were a boy when it happened. A troubled little boy. You were too hard on yourself then, and you still are-I saw it in your eyes in Peshwar." ~ Rahim Khan (pg: 301)
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