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tugas kombis chap 4

Dian Sadeli

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Kombis

Planning Business Messages Leslie T. 2009120013
Erick 2009130011
Devi Natalia 2009130028
Dian Sadeli 2009130136
Puspita Kristianto 2009130142
Erick Hendrawan 2009130231
Cindy Jessica 2010130185
Andre Jefferson 2011130224 Understanding
The Three-Step Writing Process Analyzing Your Situation Gathering Information Organizing Your Information Recognizing the Importance of Good Organization Selecting the Right Medium Outlining Your Content Viewpoints
Asking Get to the point! Start with the main idea Analyze the situation
Gather information
Select the right medium
Organize the information Plan Adapt your audience
Compose the message Write Revise the message
Produce the message
Proofread the message
Distribute the message Complete OPTIMIZE YOUR WRITING TIME
1/2 ; 1/4 ; 1/4 Planning Effectively Purpose ? Audience ? change?
right time?
right person?
acceptable? primary audience
size and demographic
audience compositon
level of understanding
expectations and preferences
forecast reaction Providing Required Information Uncovering Audience Needs Be sure the information is ACCURATE
Be sure the information is ETHICAL
Be sure the information is PERTINENT Oral Media
Written Media
Electronic Media Factor to consider when choosing media Media richness
Message formality
Media limitation
Sender intentions
Urgency and cost
Audience preferences Do not including irrelevant material Group similar ideas and
present them in a logical way Do not
leaving out
necessary information Brainstorming
Journalistic approach
Question and answer chain
Storyteller's tour
Mind mapping Defining
Your Main Idea Limiting Your Scope Direct Approach Indirect Approach Positive Messages
Negative Messages
Persuasive Messages State the major points Illustrate with evidence
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