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Women in Baseball

No description

Nicole Schaller

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Women in Baseball

Nicole Schaller
Women in Baseball
Video: The Women of the All-American Girls' Professional Baseball League Today
Women's Change of Role During World War II
Literary Links
Impact and Modern Significance
Why it Ended
Most Dedicated Player of the League: Dorothy Schroeder
AAGPBL and its History
Charm School
The Teams
1. The Handmaid's Tale
Charm School/Republic of Gilead's Red Center
Supervisor/Aunt Lydia
Dress Code
2. "Method and Madness: How Men and Women Think"
Challenges of Feminism
WWII= New Female Opportunity
Men Deployed Women fill in
1/3 of US Workforce
Homemakers Bread Winners
1942 = Men drafted > 18
1943 = Philip K Wrigley non-profit league
Jim Hamilton Tryouts in Midwestern Cities
60 chosen for the first season
1944 = Expansion 2 New Teams
1945 = War ended AAGPBL still strong
Classes mandatory for the players
Beauty Routines
Dress Code
Team names
A League of their Own (1992) = Revival
Fictional Story Same Message
Respect of Female athletes
1. Original Teams
Kenosha Comets
Racine Belles
Rockford Peaches
South Bend Blue Sox
2. Relocations
3. Expansions
11 Teams =1950
Known as "Dottie"
Played all 12 (1943-1954)
4 Different Teams
Player of the Year x2
Most Popular Player 1953
Most RBIs in the League (431)
Loss Popularity
Lack of Funding
Went on Tour
Baseball Hall of Fame "Women in Baseball" Collection
545 Athletes
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