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Hero's Journey, The Matrix

No description

Reanna Sacks

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Hero's Journey, The Matrix

Our Hero
Thomas Anderson (A.k.A. Neo)
By day he works at an office as a regular everyday guy who programs computers, by night he is a hacker,and a criminal who sells illegal computer software to anyone who will pay enough
His guide
The leader, the guide, and the supernatural aid. He guides not only Neo but also all the characters on the Nebuchadnezzar (his Hovership) . He helps many people escapr the Matrix and he opens their eyes to the real world. He isn't the first person Neo meets that will play a part in his adventure, but he is arguably one of the most important; he teaches Neo and "introduces" Neo to the real world, and calls him to his journey.
Call to Adventure
Follow the white rabbit....
Neo's first call to adventure comes as a riddle in the first scene. Neo is asleep in in his apartment and running a search on his computers looking for information linked to the name "Morpheus" or the "Matrix," when another of his computers makes a noise that wakes him up, then text starts to appear on his screen even though he is not typing. There is more then one entry that is made, the first entry is "wake up Neo" the next is"the matrix has you" the third is "follow the white rabbit" and lastly "knock knock." After he receives the last message a criminal client of his shows up to pick up a piece of computer software. After being given the software, the client a his group of friends invites Neo to a club, he originally refuses this offer, and this is his first refusal of the call, but when he sees a tattoo of a white rabbit on one of the friends' shoulder he changes his mind and decides to go with them.
Following them to this club he then meets Trinity. Trinity will play a large part in Neo's journey, before she was taken out of the Matrix she was an infamous hacker, now she works with Morpheus. Here Trinity clues Neo in and warns him of danger to come., and that the answers to his questions ARE out there.
The symbolic "crossing of the threshold" would be crossing from the Matrix into the real world, but because the Matrix is not a physical thing there can be no physical threshold, but to metaphorically "cross the threshold" Neo has to wake up and exit the Matrix.
Crossing The Threshold
In this scene Neo wakes up and is late to work his boss ,acting as a threshold guardian, keeps Neo from "crossing the threshold" by telling Neo that "he is nothing special" and that if he thinks that the rules that apply to everyone else don't apply to him, he is very wrong. But as the audience finds out later, Neo is special he is "The One" and the rules that apply to everyone else don't generally apply to him, (such as gravity, and laws about time and space)
Threshold Guardian
These are the agents, Agent Smith, Agent Brown, and lastly Agent Jones. These Agents also act as Threshold guardians, they try to keep people from exiting the Matrix and changing things in the Matrix, they try to keep the "status quo."
More Threshold Guardians
Atonement with
the father
Neo's biological father is not an actual character in this movie, but to take his place is Morphues. The first moment of atonement is when ,Morpheus in attempt to save Neo, sacrifices his life, but then Neo continues to put his own life on the line to save Morpheus. Another part that can be considered a moment of atonement is when Neo finally accepts that he is The One and lives up to his full potential this in a way shows that he now trusts Morpheus.
The Ultimate Boon
In this movie spiritual and mental things hold more importance over physical ones; and so it fits that this ultimate gift is not a gift in the physical sense but rather a mental one. Neo's ultimate boon is when he gains reaches mental enlightenment and gains the power to control space and time in the Matrix. After coming back to life inside the Matrix he gets up and the Agents start to shoot at him again but he realizes he is The One and stops the bullets, fights Agent Smith and wins when he , like the Agents enters Agent Smith's body and makes him explode from the inside.
The Second Call to Adventure
In this case there is a second call to adventure that comes in the form of a literal call, a phone call.
After speaking to his boss Neo returns to a cubicle and receives a package containing a cell phone, promptly after he opens the package, the phone receives a call. Neo answers and finds out it's Morpheus on the other end. Morpheus informs Neo that the Agents are there to take him into custody. Morpheus offers Neo two choices, one is to escape by climbing out a window onto scaffolding and the other is to surrender himself to the Agents. Neo ,frightened, refuses this call and surrenders himself to the Agents.
Road Of Trials
After accepting that he had been living in the Matrix his whole life and had now entered the real world; Tank ,overtime, loads Neo into different programs specifically designed to train Neo with basic combat skills and to teach him to push the Matrix's boundaries and break its basic rules/coding.
When Neo first enters this program he sees this lady in red among other random people, then later she becomes an Agent.This is a program that is made to teach Neo to always be aware and cautious because Agents can take over and control any person "living" in the Matrix. The woman in red is also representative of Woman As Temptress.
Neo enters this program with Morpheus, and Morpheus tells Neo that he has to jump from one building to the next, if you follow the rules of the Matrix, this act would be physically impossible; but because Neo knows the truth just as everyone else on the "Neb" he can break these rules by "knowing" that he can jump the building. The first time Neo tries, he fails at doing he learns that although the Matrix isn't real in the physical sense, his mind makes it real so he can be hurt or even killed if he is hurt or killed within the matrix.
In this program Neo practices his actual combat skills , in this case karate. This is where Morpheus attempts to teach Neo how to 'break" the rules of the Mtarix, by fighting him and taunting him.
Third Call To Adventure
This is the third and final call to adventure, Trinity and two other crew members re-enter the matrix and bring Neo to Morpheus. After a short talk Morpheus offers Neo two pills if Neo takes the blue pill Neo will forget everything and go back to hs normal life, but if he takes the red pill Morpheus says he'll "stay in Wonderland and I'll (Morpheus) show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." Neo takes a few minutes and has an internal battle about which to take, but in the end Neo accepts the call and chooses to take the red pill. After taking the red pill Morpheus and the crew prepare to wake Neo up, so Neo can exit the Matrix, and cross the symbolic threshold.
Meeting The Goddess
In this case the Oracle is playing the goddess. The oracle has the same ability as old Oracles in mythology she is able to predict things ,one example is when she told Morpheus that he would be the person to find The One. Here she doesn't tell Neo the truth about him being the one but that is only to get him to try even harder to persue his true destiny as The One.
After visiting the Oracle the crew enters and apartment building which Tank directs them to so he can call them out of the Matrix. The Agents find out where they are from cypher and attacks them. In order to make sure that Neo fulfills his destiny as The One Morpheus sacrifices himself and gives himself up to the agents. The agents take him to military secure building and interrogate him to find out information about the last remaining human city, Zion.
Belly Of The Whale
When Neo escapes the Matrix he wakes up here, the "human farm." this is where the bots who rule the world "now" grow the humans that they use as energy resources. When he wakes up here he is now considered dead in his old world with no idea of where he is and with all these wires and such plugged into his body. Neo is extremely frightened, and he is in pain because this is the first time he is using any of his muscles.
Sacred Marriage
Although there is no actual marriage this is closest thing Neo gets to marriage. Neo had originally gone back into the Matrix with Trinity to save Morpheus but after saving morpheus its time to leave, Trinity and Morpheus manage to escape the Matrix but Neo is left behind and while Neo is fighting the Agnets in the Matrix the Nebuchadnezzar is being attacked by robots, so to save the ship the crew has to transfer the energy that is being used on keeping Neo alive in the Matrix to the hovership's weapons, shields, and general safety. When Neo doesn't make it out in time (because he is shot) the crew has to transfer the energey Neo is supposed to be dead Trinity goes over to him admits she loves him and kisses him Neo comes, thus creating a strong bond of love between the two.
Dragon Battle
Ritual Death
More About The Dragon Battle
There are two scenes where it seems quite obvious that Neo is The One ,before he reaches enlightenment. The first is after saving Morpheus from the agents Trinity is flying a helicopter when it is shot at and starts to crash and after landing on a roof Neo manages to quickly get up and Save trinity by pulling trinity up by the cord that was originally connecting Neo to the helicopter. After trinity gets to the roof, Morpheus says "do you believe me now?" here he is referring to Neo being The One and Trinity says that she does believe him.
The other scene is.....
After Morpheus gets captured Cypher manages to exit the Matrix before the rest and then makes it known that he has betrayed the crew. he makes it known by shooting Tank and his brother that were the only ones still awake on the Neb. After shooting them he call Trinity and tells her what he has done and claims that Morpheus is liar, then he proceed to start to kill the rest of the crew that is still in the matrix with trinity and Neo. He then says he is going to unplug Neo and that if he is The One then destiny will make something interfere making it so he doesn't kill Neo. then something does, Tank manages to get up and shoots Cypher killing him before he is able to kill Neo.
Rescue From Without
Crossing The Return Threshold
Master of Two Worlds
Freedom To live
The last scene is where it becomes very clear that he considers himself The One and where he returns to where he comes from to complete his ultimate quest, to get rid of the Matrix. Here Neo is speaking directly to the Matrix, he says he is returning to the Matrix only so he can wake everyone up, and return them to the real world, he says he will open "everyone's eyes." In this scene you know that he will no longer let himself be controlled by the Matrix.
The Return
The Departure
Tank acts as a minor guide or teacher. Although he physically doesn't teach Neo, he works on the computer with all the "programs" so he is in charge of of programming and loading Neos's mind with all the info he'll need on his journey, fighting skills and much more...
She has no major role besides just accompanying Neo through his journey until she dies later.
He doesn't have a large role in the movie until later when he betrays his crew to the Agents so that he can return to the Matrix and forget about the real world
Mouse's role in the crew is to create and write the training programs. He writes all the programs used in Neo's training. he at one point tempts Neo to give in to his human "needs" with a "person" in a training program.
The Crew
The Matrix
The Hero's Journey

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