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Mike Graham

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Cody.C

Industry Education Then Then Then Now Now 1.As early as the 1820s,Ohio
residents liked railroads. 2.The first railroad in Ohio
was the Erie and Kalamazoo
railroad. 3.Railroads dominated travel
before WW2. 1.Trains have more speed
from technology. 2.Trains have more power
and are much cooler. 3.Trains are able to
get used more often. 1.In many schools,
there were 1 teacher. 2.If a child was bad,
they would get hit
by a stick or broom. 3.Many poor kids could not
go. 1.Teachers teach 1 grade and 1 class. 2.No more hitting kids! 3.Its easy and simple to learn. Agriculture 1. Farmers had the most sales during WW2. 2.Farmers opened shops to earn more money and expand. 3.Ohio had great soil. 1.Ohio has the most farm grown products in the U.S. 2.Farmers in Ohio are using more tech ways. 3.Ohio might be the best place to grow crops. Now
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