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Picture Dictation I

No description

Sarah Onishi

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Picture Dictation I

Picture Dictation
Picture Dictation I
I will read a paragraph and you must draw the picture
Picture Dictation II
Listen carefully
Now, it's YOUR turn!
First, you must draw a picture.
Second, you must write a 3-4 sentences to describe your picture.
Third, you will make groups of 3 and one person from your group will come to the front and describe the picture.
The person who has the best drawing gets a point for their team.
In the picture, the sun is in the sky. There's a house on the left side of the picture. There are four windows. In the top left window, there is a woman; she looks sad. In the bottom right window there is a man with a hat; he looks happy. To the right of the house there's a large truck. On top of the truck is an elephant. In front of the house there is an umbrella.
Useful Phrases for describing a picture
There is a man and a woman standing in the picture. They are holding hands. The woman is holding a guitar with her right hand, and the man is holding a trumpet with his left hand. The woman has straight hair. The man has short hair, glasses, a moustache and a beard
In the middle of / In the center of
Next to
In front of
A is in between B and C
On / On top of
Under / Underneath
In the right side / In the left side
eg. In the middle of the room... / In the center of the image...
eg. Next to the chair there is a table.
eg. In front of the cat there is a spider.
eg. There is a table in between the boy and the mouse.
eg. The cake is on top of the table.
eg. The baby is under the table.
eg. In the left side of the image is a tree.
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