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Social Bookmarking in Your Academic Library

Social bookmarking uses in libraries. Twitter: @NicholeAllyn

Nichole Ackerman

on 29 May 2011

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Transcript of Social Bookmarking in Your Academic Library

Subject Guides Share & Save Anytime, Anywhere Social Bookmarking in Your Academic Library Send library users to the library's social bookmarking site with hyperlinks and tagrolls or... Compiled resource lists of websites, articles, and item records in social bookmarking sites helps students begin their research. Unlike browser-based bookmarks, Internet-based bookmarks can be accessed from any computer with Internet access. Now we can share bookmarks with users... Adding a bookmarking widget to your library catalog helps users easily save item records to their social bookmarking accounts. The creation of tools like pathfinders, study guides,and bibliographies has been integral to academic library service for generations. When the Internet became a standard method of information delivery, these tools also began to be created digitally. Librarians often relied on bookmarking as a means of collecting Web resources that they planned to pass on to users. Traditional bookmarking on computers relied upon storing web addresses in a browser. Tradition Sharing allows students to store library data in their bookmarking accounts. make a seemless experience by keeping users on your library's site with linkrolls. Linkroll Tagroll
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