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The Metamorphosis

No description

Jaclyn Venegas

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of The Metamorphosis

The Father’s Uniform
Franz Kafka
Born: July 3, 1883- June 3 1924
Gregor Samsa is a salesman who wakes up on a random day and finds himself as a bug. When his family discovers him, they are frightened and disgusted with his appearance. Before Gregor's transformation, he worked everyday to insure the wellness and security of his family; only to find his last days of life lonely, due to the fact that his family wanted nothing more to do with him because he was no longer of use.

All of the action takes place in the Samsas' apartment. The apartment overlooks a busy city street, and a hospital is across the way within viewing distance from Gregor's window.
: Gregor not only gets his physical identity taken away, he gets his emotional and humanistic persona stolen. He can't communicate with his family, he can't work, he can't leave his home, and he can't live. He's stuck as a bug at home to die in his bedroom all due to an undeserving greedy family.

: Although Gregor's transformation to a bug was a heartbreaking and tragic experience, it brought life and independence to his family. His father got a job and the family had more money than they thought they had. After Gregor's death, they set out to live their lives out happily and successfully.

: The story has it's basic stereotype of a family, the man of the house being the "breadwinner" but, in this case, the father is not the head, it is the brother, Gregor. After he becomes a bug and he is useless to the family, they isolate and basically lead him to his own death. The father now then has to step up and be the breadwinner. They become wealthy and completely forget the thought of their only son/brother.This shows an absurd and negative family.

The Metamorphosis
“I cannot make you understand. I cannot make anyone understand what is happening inside me. I cannot even explain it to myself.” Page 3
By: Jaclyn Venegas, Katia Shaafat, Christina Panarese
Existential learners are individuals that respond through experience and reinforce ones sense of being apart of something greater than ones immediate surroundings.
He grew up in the middle-class.
Novelist, Short story writer, and insurance officer
Other Books: The Trial, The Judgement, The castle and Letters to Felice
"When Gregor Samsa woke up one morning from unsettling dreams [...] "What's happened to me?" he thought. It was no dream."
"That's all I'd have to try with my boss; I'd be fired on the spot. Anyway, who knows if that wouldn't be a very good thing for me. If I didn't hold back for my parents' sake, I would have quit long ago."
- Proves he was the breadwinner in the family. He wouldnt work if it weren't for his family. It is expected. If it were his choice, he would not work at all.
"That the change in his voice was nothing more than the first sign of a bad cold, an occupational ailment of the traveling salesman, he had no doubt in the least."
- He didn't want to believe that he actually turned into a bug. He wanted to wake up again and be completely normal. Gregor wished it was a dream because he couldnt miss going to work. How could this happen to him?
- He has to learn how to become accustom to his new lifestyle which he was surprised of being in the first place. He didnt want to be a bug. He doesnt understand what is happening to him. He has to learn how to live all over again.

The book, "The Metamorphosis" related to him in a way. His father was the man of the house an and his father would make him feel so small that he felt as if he was a bug. His dad was strict.
The uniform the father wears for his job symbolizes the father’s dignity, as well as Gregor’s shifting feelings of pity and respect for him. Throughout the story, we see the father from Gregor’s point of view. We learned that the father wasnt doing so well with business. When he sees the father for the first time in weeks, Gregor’s opinion of the father changes. Gregor notices the “smart blue uniform with gold buttons,” and thinks his father looks “in fine shape,” and is actually getting his life together.
Food represents the way the members of the Samsa family feel toward Gregor. Notably, it is Grete, the family member Gregor feels closest to, who feeds Gregor for most of the story. At the beginning of chapter 2, she leaves milk and bread for him, which shows sympathy and consideration for him after him changing into a bug. When she sees he hasn’t drank the milk, she figures out what he likes to eat. Eventually, however, the work suggests that the family loses interest in feeding Gregor. One day his family stops feeding him because they couldnt figure out what he liked. He eventually died because he didnt get anything to eat.
Gregor was the one who worked in the family since his family wasnt doing so well since business wasnt on the right track. His family depended on him to make the money. His family talked to the clerk that came to their apartment just so he can keep his job, not because they actually care about him.
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