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Transnational Family as Resource for Migrant Activism

No description

Valerie Francisco

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Transnational Family as Resource for Migrant Activism

Transnational Families
as Resource for
Transnational Migrant Activism

Felisa "Fely" Garcia
March 2007
New York City
Kabalikat Domestic
Workers Support Network
Qualitative Methods
Manila & Queens
Organizing &
Labor Brokerage State
Labor Export Policy
Gendered Logic
Families and
Conditions of Separation

Under what conditions are women and families separated? And mobilized?
Migration is a nation-building project
Labor brokerage an entry to neoliberal global economy
Gender and family as part of the rubric
Normalization of family separation
Madres de Plaza De Mayo
Mothers Reclaiming Our Children (MROC)
Activist Mothering
So what if something like that happened to you, especially at work? Especially if you’re in a new place, strictness of a boss, without your family, no one to help you, you know? So if you hear of something, why not help her. Even if you don’t really know her, your will to help is there.
- Vilma
The Philippines is like a sinking boat, and we are their lifesavers. Even if we are dead, are they really not going to move?
- Helen
As the Philippine economy fails to improve under a system reeking with corruption, we can expect that this aggressive outmigration, touted as an economic solution to our homeland's troubles and downturns, will produce more cases like Fely's that will not be handled properly because the orientation of our consular offices abroad is not to help migrants with their basic problems, but help them remit their earnings back to the Philippines.
- Justice For Fely Garcia Online Petition
April 2007
A Mother's Critique of the Labor Brokerage State
Valerie Francisco, Ph.D.
Association for Asian American Studies
April 18, 2013
Take Home Messages
Migration as part of motherhood
Engaging gender and family as points for organizing and mobilizing
Critique of neoliberal states and globalization integrated into migrant motherhood
Institutionalization of Migration
Philippine Overseas Employment Administration
Overseas Workers Welfare Agency
Market Research
Recruitment Agencies
$24 Billion Remittance Industry
"Bagong Bayani" or Modern Day Heroes
4,500 migrants leave daily
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