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Colonial Rhode Island

This is for Social Studies!

Justin Tram

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Colonial Rhode Island

Colonial Rhode Island
Super awesome postcard!!!
If I did a terrible job that's because
somebody stepped on my finger the other day........
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Founding Rhode Island
In 1631, Roger Williams was banished from Massachusetts for disagreeing with the New England way. He was put on trial and was forced to leave Massachusetts. He fled south of Massachusetts and founded Rhode Island along with other colonists such as Anne Hutchinson, to escape religious persecution.
Economic development
Rhode Island became a major trading port and shipyard between 1600s and 1700s due to the fact its next to a big bay. Major industries such as ship building, shipping, fishing, and whaling. It also became a perfect place for smugglers to get their goods.
There was no official religion of Rhode Island because it was a colony with religious freedom. It brought many Quakers, Jews, and other religious people from Europe or other parts of the 13 colonies.
Presentation By Justin Tram
but are you impressed this is a postcard the whole time?
Greetings from Rhode Island!
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In colonial times, fashion varied in many ways for both men and women.
For men, they wore a banyan, beeches , a coat, a cloak, a cravat, a hat, leggings, a shirt, shoes, a waistcoat, trousers, and a powdered wig.
For women, they wore a cap, a cloak, a dress, a gown, a hat, mittens, a mob cap, petticoat, shoes, and a stay.
The geographical location of Rhode Island made it hard to survive in colonial times. The winters were long and harsh, and the summers were short. Rhode Island's convenient location was also perfect for trading ports due to the fact it has a large bay. The raw materials such as timber were provided through dense forests.
Geographical influences
There very few forms of colonial entertainment because the colonists worked all the time. Forms of entertainment were parties, games, and pastimes. The children would usually play games such as hop-scotch, tag, and hide-and-go seek. During the winter, families would play board games, tongue twisters, or read nursery rhymes.
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