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Galaxy LightSpeed Property Management System

No description

Christopher Aguilar

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Galaxy LightSpeed Property Management System

Galaxy LightSpeed Property Management System
Not yet Mobile or transportable
Provide flexibility to consumers and keep them up to date anytime, anywhere
Beneficial as an emergency response system
Less use of paper

Reservations longevity
After a certain amount of time, the system will not allow access to reservations

Integration with Galaxy Hotel Systems Intel-based PC servers will help improve the Lightspeed product by offering mobile apps for hotels as well as a stronger system to reduce the freezes the system currently has.

Future improvements?
-Tablet Interface

-All Inclusive

BEO Interface
Restaurant Reservations
“GPS” expansion

-Next-Generation Property Management System

-Installed in over 650 properties worldwide
Galaxy LightSpeed
Galaxy LightSpeed
-Created by and licensed by Galaxy Hotel Systems

-Subsidiary of Starwood Hotel & Resorts Worlwide, Inc.

User Adaptation
Tech Savvy
Ease of access
Well-Rounded vs. Competitors
-Well-Rounded System:
Covers front of house & back of the house
-Access over 200 reports instantly
-Synced with StarGuest
-Managed & updated by Galaxy Tech Support
-Syncs with CRS to manage hotel inventory worldwide, updated every 30 seconds
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