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The Unhealable Wound

No description

aparna roy

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of The Unhealable Wound

Side B Movie The movie chosen, Atonement, directed by Joe Wright, is the reenactment of the novel Atonement, by Ian McEwan. This movie is highly credited for its representation of the novel. Combining the novel and the movie,
the archetype presents itself in many forms.
First and for most, in the beginning, Briony and Cecilia's relation, the bond they share is shown to be very strong. In the beginning, it is shown that Cecilia and Briony
share a very strong bond as sisters. There is a physical wound and an emotional one. Side A The Unhealable
Wound One cannot atone for an unhealable wound. An unhealable wound is one that can be physical or emotional. It is a damage that CANNOT be repaired. An example is Darth Vader. He will never fully recover from his battle wounds. He is to wear a mechanical suit because of his lost limbs and scarring. The novel : A brief summary: When Briony accused Robbie of the rape, the bond was broken then for once and for all. It is never to be gained back. Briony Tallis She is a thirteen year old girl who holds a strong passion for writing and has great imagination. Cecilia Tallis Robbie Turner Robbie Turner is the son of the Tallis family housekeeper and a childhood friend of Cecilia’s. Robbie is taken away to prison, with only Cecilia
and his mother believing his
protestations of innocence. As a result of Briony false accusation to Robbie, the bond they once shared is completely broken. Like a crumpled piece of paper that can never go back to its original form, Cecilia can never forgive Briony for what she did. The guilt factor is the biggest of the wounds. The guilt and need for atonement that Briony holds within herself torments her even at seventy seven years of age. She never is able to achieve redemption because Robbie and Cecilia die. So she tries to atone for her sins through a work of fiction. She writes a novel. She shows that the two of them do reunite. Memento Mori Physical: The scar on his head and the tattoo that says "I raped and killed your wife" will always remain with him until the day he dies. Emotional : He is called the ten minute man. Every ten minutes, he regains his memory and is reminded of his horrid past. He remembers his wife's merciless death and is also regains the rage and hatred he is to have for the man responsible for this. He remembers it as if it has just happened. recurring models of behaviour, people or personalities, all of which hold a universal meaning. Carl Jung Archetype is... "All the most powerful ideas in history go back to archetypes," “The deepest wounds aren't the ones we get from other people hurting us. They are the wounds we give ourselves when we hurt other people.” - Isobelle Carmody Aparna Roy


Aparna -made in response to the bombing of Guernica by German and Italian warplanes during the Spanish Civil War. It portrays the suffering and disasters faced by many individuals, mainly innocent civilians and it’s become a universal symbol warning humanity against the devastation of war. Pablo Picasso Guernica A wide-eyed bull stands over a woman grieving over a dead child in her arms.
A human skull overlays the horse's body
A bird, possibly a dove, stands on a shelf behind the bull in panic. We all have an unhealable wound whether it be something someone said or an incident that took place. To heal a wound, one must grant
forgiveness. Though one might forgive, it is
nearly impossible to forget. Atonement can be brought about by sincere efforts and solely by the need to be forgiven. •Briony encounters a sexual assault in the woods and returns to her parents only to accuse Robbie of his aggressive behaviour towards Cecilia.
•The parents are enraged and report the matter to the police. The police have him banned from their estate. Briony's false accusation not only harmed her relationship with her dear sister but also separated the two lovers, Robbie and Cecilia. Robbie is kept in prison. They are never able to reunite.
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