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ACS HCI seminar 2009


Nick Machia

on 17 November 2009

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Transcript of ACS HCI seminar 2009

American Community Survey
Website Usability Study U S C E N S U S B U R E A U Helping You Make Informed Decisions Rice University HCI Seminar
11/17/2009 Overview Testing Results The American Community Survey (ACS) Mandatory
Diverse Topics Demographics
Employment The ACS Web Site Three Main Goals
Inform survey recipients
Support data users
Redirect data seekers Usability Testing Census Bureau Usability Lab (SRD)
Supported by ACSO
In conjunction with Achieva Partners Usability Testing Expert Evaluation
Baseline performance
Novice group
Expert group
Preliminary recommendations Novice Group Eight participants
Externally recruited
Mean age 45
Mean education 15 years
Screened Method Training Task
Think aloud practice 10 experimental tasks
Role of ACSO Tech Support
Range of difficulties
Pseudo-Randomized Sample Tasks You heard about the American Community Survey in the news and want to know more about it. How is the American Community Survey different from the decennial Census?
You are filling out the survey but feel uneasy about Question 33: "What time did this person usually leave home to go to work?" Find out why this question is being asked.
You have heard that the American Community Survey has data about your community. Find out how many children are enrolled in elementary education (grades 1-8) in your state.
Sample Tasks Sample Tasks Data Collection Video recording
Eye tracking
Interview Criteria Success Pathways
Five minute 'soft limit'
Task Performance Task Efficiency Element Ratings Comments Usability Issues Closing Usability Issues Identified via video data and user comments
Categorized according to severity High priority: Prevents goal completion
Medium priority: Reduces efficiency
Low priority: Reduces satisfaction High Priority Terminology and Labels
Tab names
Conceptual overlap
Information Density Eye-Tracking High Priority Content organization
Crowding High Priority Directing users to data
Low prominence
Lack of instruction Medium Priority FAQ System
Poor organization
Low success rate Medium Priority ACS Alert system Medium Priority Medium Priority Medium Priority Usability Successes Text optimization Lots of info
Consistent navigation
Grouping by color and geometry Some recommentations have been implemented Expert testing has been planned Mainly low priority, quick fixes Focus on qualitative data Need solutions as well as criticisms Communicating to *everyone* Differences from commercial industry? Comments Questions? Computer/Internet experience
Familiarity with ACS website Thank you! Acknowledgements
Betty Murphy
Erica Olmsted-Hawala
Peggy Gill
Larry Malakhoff
Temika Holland
Jennifer Chen
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