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Lindsey Lindgren

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

A) It was used to entertain everyone for a long period of time
B) Popular way for young Mayan men to enjoy themselves after a hard day’s work
C) It was used by hitting the ball without using your hands or feet only hitting
D) Sometimes the loser was sacrificed, but not all the time What is it
made of Beliefs Geographic Rules Start It is an ancient mayas game used for entertainment
Pok-A-Tok was often played by prisoners of war and the members of the losing team were offered as sacrificed to the gods. The hero twins, Hunahpu and Xbalanque, go to xibalba, then the Gods of the underworld force them to play series of POK-A-TOK games with life or death consequences. The twins sacrifice themselves by fire. Death god grides the bones into powder and throws them into a river. But the twins are reborn. Every Mayan city has a POK-A-TOK field no using you feet
No using your hands POK-A-TOK Lindsey Lindgren They made the rubber ball by making diagonal cuts in the bark of cau-uchu trees to start the flow of latex down a central vertical channel and into their containers. The rubber was mixed with the juice of the morning glory vine to make it tough, strong, and very elastic (big as basketballs)
stone court
stone circle on the wall How was it used?? Religious The battles between the gods in the sky and the lords of the underworld. The ball symbolized the sun, moon, or stars, and the rings stood for sunrise and sunset, or equinoxes Purpose Values Social Political Economic It's Just Like Basketball The mayan city ruler would be there watching the game for their own entertainment The city would get a lot of money from everyone betting on a winner Work cited
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You try to get the ball through the hoop as many times as you can
Played for entertainment
Both played on a court
Both balls are the same size
POK-A-TOK: Loser is sacrifice Basketball: Loser just goes home
POK-A-TOK: Cant use your hands Basketball: You can use your hands You had to have a lot of training to compete in pok of tok, at first when the game first started you were a slave that got trained to play. POK-A-TOK values are that it provides entertainment for the city Goal Try to get the ball through the hoop as many times as you can
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