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House appliances

Laurence Giles

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Beko

Beko consumers http://www.reviewcentre.com/Beko__4.htm http://www.unbeatable.co.uk/r/b/beko.html Seem to be the average family purchasing
these products Very mixed reviews Customer service is poor Style seems to be an issue Each product seems to have its own unique
problems In Social Media
Mascot for Watford football team Was with Loans.co.uk Sponsor of 2010 Men world basketball Sponsor of 2009/2010 Turkish basketball league Sponsor of German basketball Bundesliga Nike Created a website that made challenges
for thier buyers of their product and they
could be tracked and quickly made a fan
base (website slideshow containing stats and how Nike
interact with their fanbase http://www.slideshare.net/netlash/nike-social-media Sponsorships include: Tennis players, Athletics,
Basketball players, The Indian Cricket team, Local
and World Clubs and Golf. Coca Cola Has a facebook fan base of about 5.3 million Has their own website www.cocacola.co.uk 'Coke' has been the main plot element in
films such as, 'The Coca Cola Kid', and
'The Gods must be crazy.' Has been sponsors in The Football League in the UK,
now have a premireship divison called the Coca Cola
league. Have always been the sponsors of the Olympics
and have been sponsors of Raceways is certain US
states such as North Carolina and Daytona. Sponsors of Hockey league, Football league,
Major league baseball, basketball league and a
Cricket team Bungie (Halo franchise for Xbox and Xbox 360) Has online forum www.bungie.net Forums do have online moderators and you
can email Bungie directly Regularly updated forum with plenty of sub-
sections Updates Halo 3 online every weekend with a new
playlist and announces on Forum monthly changes Has an section online via Xbox LIVE to show off
user content such as screenshots and films Regular competitions with prizes such as visiting the
studios or a copy of rare items or the most expensive
pack for a game (inc. statues, manuals etc) Halo 3 is currently the most pre ordered game in history
and recieved $170 million in the first 24 hours after launch How can Beko improve? During research, not many appreciated the call centre customer service. Many said you were unhelpful. Not many post problems now,
most like it to be solved via
phone or email or forums. People are now starting to feel uncomfortable posting details on a website they are unfamilair with, especially a company getting poor reviews and not really known very well. People shouldnt be forced to enter their private details on a website to gain help. One email? You should have several. Maybe
an email for techinical support, advice or
information regarding your products. Too complicated. This should all be determined by
one phone number.
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