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Virtual Fitting Room

No description

Aleeza Shaikh

on 16 November 2014

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Transcript of Virtual Fitting Room

Problem Definition

To build an application that will help e-shopping by acting as a virtual dressing room. The images of the products will be super-imposed and augmented on the user’s body in the live video feed. Thus helping the customer shop better by giving an effect of a real dressing room.

Objectives of Project
1. To provide the e-shopping customers with an interface to try on clothes virtually
2. To allow the customers to try the apparels in different sizes
3. To let the customers enjoy a stand away, physical-touch free experience while using the application
4. To demonstrate, that with better interaction features in clothing web sites, it could improve sales over the net.
5. Empowerment of the customer with additional facilities embedded in buttons to make online shopping easier and user friendly.
6. To provide real time customization of the customer’s outfit, such as clothes, jewelry, etc.
Literature Survey
Platform Choice
Class Diagram
Virtual Fitting Room
By -
Aleeza Shaikh
Prashant Shinde
Sandeep Singh
Swapnil Chandra

Guided by -
Prof. R. A. Khan

Data Flow Diagram (Level 2)
State Transition Diagram
System Implementation Plan
Use-case Diagram
Activity Diagram
Package Diagram
Sequence Diagram
1. Java makes it easy for the developer to design GUI by making use of AWT and Swing packages.
2. Provides interface with the web camera by using JMyron library.
3. With JDBC its easy to maintain a database and connect to it and perform various operations.
4. Java is a platform independent language which makes it easy to deploy the project on any machine.
5. Client-server communication can be maintained through servlets and applets.
6. Java has a capability to perform multi-threaded operations
Data Flow Diagram (Level 0)
Data Flow Diagram (Level 1)
Literature Survey (contd.)
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